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on 1/5/17
Can i give negative stars? I tried this mask and, no joke, i looked like i had been badly beaten up..well only my eyes though. That was enough, my eyes(only under my eyes, not eyelids or anywhere else)were swollen, red, bumpy skin...and after about 8 days the swelling, redness and bumps fully went away only to leave behind very dry, patchy skin. As im typing this i wanna cry because the dryness is still there. Not just ill put on some face cream dry. I mean scaly, peeling dryness! Everyday, very carefully i use vaseline and coconut oil (no perfumes or other extra stuff) and even try exfoliating under my eyes. Something i had never done before. It's taking its sweet time though. Please everyone always try on a little of the serum in the mask on a small patch of skin and make sure you have no bad reactions to it. To the rest of my face the mask worked beautifully, the softest skin I've had in a while...but under my eyes was a traumatic experience without exaggerating. Just imagine dropping/picking up kids from school/practice/games etc, grocery store..sunglasses? Sooner or later nighttime gets here and I'll look even more idiotic wearing sunglasses at night.

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