The Falsies Push Up Drama; Pushed Up Lashes Dramatic Volume & Lift
Color: Very Black
Manufacturer: Maybelline New York
Size: 0.33 Fluid Ounce


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by Lauren Amirault >> See more reviews

Hated it

It smudges and does literally nothing besides darken your lashes. It is too wet and I can't stand it. Total waste of money and the commercials are very deceiving.

by jaimeloo24 >> See more reviews

If you smile, this isn't for you!

This mascara makes my lashes look long and full BUT it never really dries! If your someone who smiles a lot or if it's a sunny day and your squinting a bunch, this mascara comes off on your under eyes from the top lashes making you look like a drunk hooker. I've tried setting my under eye concealer with more setting powder and putting a different mascara as a "top coat" and it stayed put a little better. Overall though, more trouble than it's worth. It's like putting on nail polish that stays tacky, never completely drying.


I honestly think I own every mascara ever produced. I am addicted and always on the look out for something new. I almost never have any lunch with brands found at super centers/ drug stores, BUT Maybelline Volum Express The Falsies is the rare exception. I purchased this about two weeks ago, but I didn't open it until a few days ago, and I am a little upset that I waited so long! This mascara truly does make my lashes look false. I do notice clumping like crazy, but it's an easy fix and not a big little when my lashes are way into the stratosphere!

After a few applications, I really love this mascara.

The first time or two, I HATED the application. I felt like it was impossible to get separation and it was very wet. The third time and from then on for that matter, I love it. It lengthens, curls and defines my lashes. It does not flake or smudge on me. It also dries perfectly. I had heard so many bad reviews, so I am surprised at how much I enjoy it. I have naturally long, curled lashes and this gives me the drama I love. I use the brown/black color. Maybe the formula is better in it than the black?

Waste of money

Not volumizing at all. Smears within an hour.

by A. I. McCulloch >> See more reviews

A wet mascara that produces a clumpy, spiky long-lashed look - probably best worn by u 25s

The unique selling point of this Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara is that it has 'cup shaped' bristles which are claimed to cradle, push up and coat your lashes. There is a line drawing of the 'cups' on the tube, which clearly shows the U shape the bristles are supposed to form, but even when using a magnifying glass I couldn't honestly discern this shape. The metallic red and pink tube with brown central portion looks like a double-ended gel - standard mascara, but it isn't. The wand is attached to the red top. The metallic pink end of the tube is just the tube. The push - up refers to the action of pushing up your lashes as you apply it for a big, wide doll-eyed look - it's nothing to do with the odd looking tube. Review of product supplied via the Vine Voices scheme, first published on My mascara arrived unboxed in a plastic resealable food bag, sealed with a white paper printer label, rather than factory sealed wrapping which was slightly disconcerting. This wasn't quite what I expected. Without any packaging guidance, to get some idea of how best to use the mascara, I went on the Maybelline website. The recommendation on there is that to get the pushed up drama effect you apply right from the roots and that you don't let the mascara dry between coats. This is easy to do as it is a wet mascara - it wasn't going to dry in a hurry. How much you like the mascara from this point onwards depends on whether or not you like your lashes to look clumped and spiky, or whether or not you prefer separate lashes. The function of the cups appears to be to clump the lashes together, they certainly did that with me. Sadly, I'm not of an age to carry this off and looked ridiculous.The mascara came off fairly easily with micellar water and a textured cotton wool pad. I was able to add some colour, length and definition to my lashes by lightly brushing from halfway along rather than the roots. The mascara took a long time to dry, as expected. I prefer a drier mascara than this so it wasn't really what I wanted - I couldn't use this if I was in a hurry in the morning. Not for me, sadly, but it definitely does give a dramatic clumpy spiky look, if that's what you want.

It's Okay

3-3.5 stars. When I saw this on the "new products" shelf of Target, I quickly snatched it up without a second thought and without checking reviews first. Maybelline is pretty reliable about making awesome mascaras, so I wasn't too worried. Unfortunately, while this isn't the brand's worst mascara, it's far from one of my favorites. First off, the formula is very wet. When I applied it the first few times, I would get product on my brow and on the skin around my lower lashes. I let it sit for a couple of weeks, and that helped some, but sometimes little flecks still get on my brow bone if I'm not careful. As for volume, it does a decent job, but it's clumpy! I notice the clumping mostly around the tips of the lashes. I hate this-I prefer my lashes fanned out and multiplied. If you apply carefully, the clumps won't be too bad, but I always seem to get some no matter how I work the brush. Staying power is okay, but it does flake a little and if it gets wet, it will smudge. So overall, this is a no-go for me. I'm not a fan and don't recommend it to anybody. I still love their Lash Sensational as well as their Colossal Volum (yellow tube). Try those over this one.


Time saver! Some people are saying its too thick or whatever. Listen, unless you are blessed with mega thick lashes, or your eyelashes are uber short and you aren't willing to be a little careful the second time you use it, it's perfect! I had thick lashes, they are still long but thin and even had to start using eyeliner to make them look thicker. Not with this! Saves me tons of time too, I don't have to sit there waiting, and applying a million coats. They did end up looking way thicker and like falsies (in a good way).

Wet, messy, and makes lashes limp instead of pumped

I have tried the Falsies mascara before and liked it. Was hoping this would be like that one, with a little extra curl holding power since it's supposed to give you lift. The formula seems very different. Goes on really wet. I use a lash curler first and the wetness of this mascara took out all the curl. Then because it takes so long to dry, I found it impossible not to smudge it when looked up or down afterwards. This was the next to worst mascara I've ever bought and ended up tossing it in the trash after 3 tries.

but by far the best one out there and I have used a lot ...

Iiked this product a lot, but the only problem is it needs more than one coating and u kinda have to dab at your lashes for a while for the desired effect, but by far the best one out there and I have used a lot of mascara, before this one my favourite used to be DIOR showstopper which was 25 this is way cheaper and gets each lash individually, just have patience and put it on correctly, makeup is art..