Combines the longevity of lipstick with the easy application of a lip gloss!, Packaged in a convenient vinyl zip-up pouch, 100% Vegan & Gluten-Free!, Camera Ready Cosmetics is one of the largest authorized dealers of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics products in the USA!
Feature: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Grandma 0.33 oz
Manufacturer: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
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Great product / Super fast shipping

I ordered the OCC Lip Tar in Grandma, ChaCha, NSFW, and Anime, all shipped by Sephora. Let me just say that I did not pay for shipping and I still got my package 2 or 3 days later. All 4 came in a box that was stuffed to the max with tissue paper so nothing was moving around. As for the products themselves, they all came in a little clear plastic pouch with directions, as well as a small OCC lip brush (so now I have a brush for each color). So far I have only tried Grandma which is a very nice coral color. I like the lip tars because unlike the tinted lip balms I use, the color is opaque. I could have gotten opaque color from a regular lipstick - however, I feel like lipsticks are sticky and dry. The lip tar goes on smooth and definitely isn't sticky at all, so I can still rub my lips together with ease. I know that these products are also good for mixing colors, which I have yet to do. If there is anything I don't like about them, it's that they do transfer pretty easily. If you blot your lips with a napkin you'll wipe it off, and I also read in other reviews that you should be careful with color bleeding and staining around your mouth. I'm okay with it wiping off though, because it does stain your lips (especially the darker colors) so you will still have some color. Definitely be careful when applying because a little goes a long way. I was super surprised when this tiny little dot of product was able to cover my entire bottom lip.

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Nothing special

Much redder than expected from looking at pictures of people wearing it and swatches on line. Still pretty though. Made my lips really dry and had some peeling the next day. Would prefer an applicator on the tube as the little brush gets messy in the bag and the product can skoosh out too much from the tip and drip down the side of the tube.

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Was NOT impressed with how long it lasts! The ...

Was NOT impressed with how long it lasts! The only thing I could be doing wrong is I use another base, not there brand! But I don't want to spend another $20 for the base......

by sherry spears >> See more reviews

The lip tar smells good, and it goes on beautifully, but

The lip tar smells good, and it goes on beautifully. My complaint is it's kind of neon. If you like a bright lip colors than this a good lipstick for you.

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Two Stars

It wasn't long lasting at all.