Body Scrub made with White Sugar. A professional/spa quality exfoliating and skin softening sugar scrub. Packaging: jar with screw top lid. Scent: Vanilla Spice
Manufacturer: San Francisco Bath Salt Company


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Ideal for sensitive skin

Sugar scrubs are ideal for sensitive skin because sugar scrubs are considered one of the gentlest scrubs. San Francisco White Sugar Vanilla Spice Scrub is specially formulated to get rid of the outer layer of dead skin cells without the scratchy effects of salt scrubs since it is finer than salt. Because a sugar scrub is not as abrasive as salt, you may not have as thorough of an exfoliation as you would a salt scrub, but your skin is still left hydrated and soft. For use, wet you skin in the shower and apply a small amount in circular motions. The alluring aroma of vanilla spice tickles our nostrils as you gently exfoliate yourself. As you rinse off the scrub, you will reveal soft, velvety smooth, nourished skin. Best of all you will smell good enough to eat! Besides shower use, the scrub can also be used in the tub. San Francisco Sea Salt Company only uses natural ingredients. I would definitely recommend this body scrub from a company that cares about its customers and follows their mission "to harness the power of the ocean to enhance your well-being, from the inside out." Sample provided for review purposes.

Excellent sugar scrub

Excellent product with fine,even sugar crystals, lovely spicy scent and luxurious feeling when gently massaged into skin. Gentle enough to use daily on face and body during bath or shower. Great for exfoliating dry skin types. I have very dry skin, sensitivity to cinnamon oil, but I use this product daily on face neck and legs with no problems at all. A natural product which will separate if not stirred occasionally, but it is easily reintegrated by gently stirring. Highly recommended.

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Great Product, but 5 lb jars don't arrive ready for use.

I've tried many brands of sugar scrubs, and this one is my favorite so far with an appealing scent and the right ratio of exfoliate grit and emollient oils. The only reason I am not giving it the full five stars pertains to the large 5 lb jar only--not to the smaller jar. When I received the 5 lb. jar, the oils and the solids had separated to a great extent. Think of a very large jar of natural peanut butter to get the idea--the top third of the jar was liquid oil. Before using the scrub, I had to vigorously mix it with a wooden paint-stirring stick, while quite a bit of the oil slopped over the side. It was a messy hassle to do this but absolutely necessary. If the SF Bath Salt company would see that the big jars are mixed thoroughly before they are mailed to customers (maybe one of the paint-stirring machines one sees at hardware stores?), this product would be perfect. I'll probably still continue to purchase it--at least until I find something as good that doesn't require the added labor.

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Works Exceptionally Well And Is Extremely Gentle!

I have an elderly mother who suffers with an inoperable broken back. Bathing her in the shower causes severe pain and muscle spasms; hence, I clean her as frequently as she will allow with sponge baths time has gone on her skin has developed an unhealthy dry, scaley appearance that even the most expensive lotions had no effect on. With assistance, I finally managed to get her in the shower and give her a proper bath, using this white sugar scrub. I couldn't believe how well and gently the product worked.......her skin looks and feels healthy again. I am absolutely sold on this product it truly works miracles and has become part of my beauty regimen. I Highly recommend it!

This product feels wonderful on my very sensitive skin

This product feels wonderful on my very sensitive skin. Not only does the scrub exfoliate effectively and gently, it leaves my sensitive skin feeling soft and smooth. And I end up using less moisturizer after using the scrub. I love this product and will purchase again. It is now my go-to shower scrub. Fabulous scrub!

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I would order again!

The scent is lovely with a definite spice to it. If you like an oriental type perfume, you will like this. The graininess is not too rough, but just right. It leaves a nice bit of moisture on the skin. I would order again. Very cost effective with the five pound container.

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Best scrub ever!

This scrub is amazing! I use it pretty much daily and it's gentle enough for regular use while still exfoliating. I usually have little bumps all over my legs and this stuff cleared it up totally! My legs have never been this smooth in my entire life. Also, it smells AMAZING! I wish they had the scented ones in 5 lb sizes because I would definitely order!

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The products are awesome! I live in a very dry area

I have purchased products from this company before and I keep coming back for a reason. The products are awesome! I live in a very dry area, this scrub moistens my skin and continues to even after I towel off. I will continue to buy their products!

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Wonderful sugar scrub

Wonderful sugar scrub. Smells great and leaves skin silky soft, but not greasy. I have used other sugar scrubs in the past & I really prefer this one. I can't wait to try other fragrances too!

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This scrub is wonderful, it smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling ...

This scrub is wonderful, it smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling soft. The scrub separates, make sure to mix it well so the consistency is just right.

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