Black padded hair band with no teeth covered in a velvet fabric. Hair band measures approximately 2.5cm (1") wide. Very stylish high quality headband. Extremely comfortable and durable. Fantastic hair ornament for weddings, formal wear or even daytime.
Manufacturer: Amber Jewellery


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Black Padded Velvet Alice Hair Headband

I really like the Alice hair band but its not as padded as I thought it would have been - would have liked it to sit higher. Really useful and classy tho and a good quality make.

Foolish manufacturer leaves an elastic tag wound tightly around the top- cannot remove the indent it leaves- It is worthless now

Would have been a nice headband, but the genius who sell them left a tag on an elastic string wound very tightly right in the exact middle of the top, so that when I removed it and tried to brush it out, it still remains looking bad and I could never actually wear this outside. It looks really stupid - had it not been for that indention ruining it, then it would have been a nice headband. Now, it is garbage as I can not return it because it came from the UK. Threw my money away on this one.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Child sized

If this was mentioned I missed it, but this headband looks nice, its just sized for a young child so cant really say much about it.

by Bluesrunnerdog >> See more reviews

Nice headband!

Exactly what I wanted!

It looks good in my hair as well

The fit of the head band is slightly smaller circumstance wise. But the headband does not squeeze my head too tightly. It looks good in my hair as well :)

by Bradley Lyons >> See more reviews

Four Stars

Nice color just wish it was more padded.

by Kholoud Kabli >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Great product

Five Stars

Perfect! Thanks alot!