Maybelline XXL extension XX-treme length microfiber mascara gives up to 85 percent visibly longer lashes. It tames and extends lashes, it is washable and also available in waterproof. It is contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested.
Color: Soft Black
Manufacturer: Maybelline


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by Zoe Paris >> See more reviews

Adds thickness if you have thin or light colored lashes!

My eyelashes are long but they are thin and blonde. Many brands of mascara make them look wispy and give a nasty "spider" look. What I really like was this mascara gave my lashes VOLUME rather than just length. The white primer goes on first and this gives the mascara something to stick to. The result for ME was long and thick looking lashes. My lashes are already really long but this really gave them volume and kept the lashes from clinging and clumping together. It does require an extra step but for me this was worth it. I have a new favorite mascara!

favorite mascara

This mascara is great for those with short, thin lashes. Wish it was still available in stores. Received as promised.

by Benjamin G. Elkins >> See more reviews

not remarkeable

I have a lot of mascaras, so while I definitely do like to use this because the packaging has a built in primer, it doesnt work any better, or worse, than my other good mascaras with separate primer. good thing it was cheap.


I hate this mascara, when i put it on it doesn't even look like i put mascara at all. I need to put a lot only so that it can look like i have some on. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone!

by M. Jacobs >> See more reviews

I've Got Lashes Again!!!

This is my second order!!! i'm in my forties and it seems that my lashes have dissapeared. Since using this product I don't have that problem. Happy Again:)

by whitephoenix >> See more reviews

This is my favorite mascara

This mascara was delivered on time and in good condition. I love it. It works well and I will be buying more as long as the price stays reasonable.

by Deborah Hanlon >> See more reviews

Maybelline XXL Extension Mascara

This works a lot better than I thought. Great brush applicator. Really makes lashes longer. I'd buy this again. Maybelline is a good product.

I liked it

It went on smooth and stayed on the lash with out smearing. I would recommend it to everyone who wants a natural looking lash.

by Richard alleyne >> See more reviews

The best

My wife love it very much, its the best she ever used .its a great product by Maybelline, will. recommend it to all women.

not impressive

used it once, and it didn't met my expectation, now it just sits in my room.. i won't recommend this product