Up to 60% longer lashes
Volume + length, 11x the volume
Manufacturer: Maybelline


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Lashes that aren't clumpy!

I like this mascara because it's one of the few which doesn't leave my lashes clumpy. I am older and I don't want to look creepy with fake thick mascara. I do, however, want to have nice lashes. Though the idea of having two layers (white and black) isn't really necessary, I actually like it. The reason I like it is because instead of putting on two dark layers of mascara, you're really only putting on one. When you go to remove it, there is less dark to come off. I don't know if I'm making sense, but there is less of a chance of looking like a raccoon with this mascara when you're washing your face. By the way--I don't like or have the waterproof version of this, but the regular one doesn't come off when you're watching a good movie and crying......:P It is hard to find in regular stores, so buy it on Amazon. I don't know know if I can talk about the company from whom I bought mine (Infinite Beauty Supply), but they combined shipping (I bought several at a time), which made the cost unbelievably good. I went back and bought some more from them!

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shipping was good

The mascara works works well but the idea of two layers is not all that necessary imo. I've had others that work just as well. :) Thank you to makeup warehouse for keeping your prices so low!!!!

dry flaky

I used to buy this in the store and stopped using it but didn't remember why. After trying it again, I remember. The first coat (white handle) is a white undercoat that is supposed to lengthen your lashes; you then apply the second coat (black handle) which goes over the white base coat. You have to make sure you cover all of the white base coat or you will see white specks in your lashes. Furthermore, this particular order I received was dry and flaky, I don't know if the product was old or what, but I won't be using it again. I've moved on to better products.

I like the product

The product Maybelline Intense XXL Microfiber Mascara was good I liked it but to me it did not give me the long or volume lashes that it promised it would give. But as far as the product being delivered on time or before time, I have no complaints, the delivery time was great the packaging was very good.

Not for me

This might work for some women, but it didn't work for me. I ordered 4 highly rated brands at the same time and tried them all. This was not one of the winners for me. It might work for someone else. I have lashes that are sometimes sparse. This did not do as good of a job as some other mascaras.

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It was okay...

It was okay. The packaging looked very worn out like it had been through the ringer. The mascara seems a little dried out. All though I can still wear it. I haven't been able to find this mascara in stores for years so it may be discontinued. That would explain why it seemed so old...

Not great

I wish I could find the mascara I saw for sale in London when I was there. That stuff gave real life to these 40-something eyelashes. I was disappointed that the double lash coating approach wasn't better than most single coat mascaras.

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On par

It's a decent mascara overall. I don't see the point of having the extra white mascara wand when the black mascara side curls lashes efficiently. The product is decent priced for what you are getting so no complaints

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my favorite!

I have used this brand for many years. Love the white side for making your lashes longer & thicker. Will always use, if I'm able to find it!

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Wonderful product, have been using it for years. It is very difficult to find in stores.I would defiantely purchase this again!!