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Been using for years!

Really great conditioner. The fragrance is not fabulous, so if you are looking for a conditioner that will leave your hair smelling like a spring meadow this isn't it. But the conditioning properties are as good as it gets. I have long, straight, fine hair and do color it, and Terax keeps it in silky, very healthy shape with lots of body.

La Crema by Terax is a great conditioner!

I have been using this cream on my hair as a daily conditioner for over 6 years....especially on the ends of my hair. From time to time, I apply it over the entire head and wrap it in a shower cap, leaving it in for 20-40 minutes as a deep conditioning treatment. It is fabulous! Leaves hair smooth, shiny and stronger!

Doesn't live up to the 4 & 5 star reviews

I bought the shampoo/conditioner based on the good reviews. So far I am still not happy with this product. I have very thick/coarse hair. My hair after I shampoo/condition is dry and gets knots like never before. The shampoo smell isn't too bad, but the conditioner smell is horrible. Smells like old oil.

by DLS Jones >> See more reviews

Disappointing results.

This conditioner did absolutely nothing for my hair. It didn't work any better than the drugstore brand I was using at the time. I paid a hefty amount for this product and I'm disappointed that I did. I have since found a much better product: Shea Moisture Manuka Honey shampoo/conditioner/mask, which is only available at Target (for some strange reason). Walgreens, CVS, Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply also carry SM but not this particular formula. The SM Raw Shea Butter formula is good too, I just happen to prefer the honey. SM leaves my hair silky, shiny and supple and very moisturized. My hair is shoulder length, medium in texture, wavy and very prone to frizz. SM definitely leaves my hair less likely to frizz and the mask, when used for 45 minutes with a heat cap, knocks out any dryness I might have from heated styling tools. Terax was touted on several chat websites, but after spending the money to purchase it and being completely disappointed, I"m less likely to listen to the recommendations in the future. I used one full tube of Terax and might as well have used the cheap stuff for all the good it did. I was expecting it to work much better than it actually did. Don't waste your money on this product. Try SM Manuka Honey or Raw Shea Butter formulas instead. At the drugstores, SM is about $10-$11 a bottle. A much nicer price than Terax. I definitely don't recommend Terax. There are much better hair products out there these days.

Detangles my messy hair

I like this product because it works. I am not a huge fan of the smell... it's nice and I know others will like it, but I'm more of a vanilla fan than a floral fan. My bleached tresses soaked up this creamy conditioner and loved it! I would recommend this product for those who are in need of moisture.

Bait and switch D:<

I ordered this last week and just got it yeasterday but What I received was not the Ultra Moisture with the blue & green striped tube but a completely different looking tube!! Bait and switch !! Not worth it D:<

by S. Michalak >> See more reviews

Smells very great!

I love the smell and enjoy using it on a regular basis. I use it most everyday except when I use hair mask.

by Karen Holbert >> See more reviews

Five Stars

By far the best conditioner I've ever used for my thin, fine hair.


Softens hair and ends especially ! LOVE IT !

by M. Warden >> See more reviews

Good product but not what I ordered

I ordered the Terax Crema ULTRA MOISTURE conditioner which I've been using for years and really like - it's a great hair conditioner. What I received, however, was not the Ultra Moisture with the blue & green striped tube but the regular moisture conditioner in a completely different looking tube. It NOT what I ordered. I decided to keep it anyway but won't order this product from Amazon again because I want the exact product that I order (and what the picture showed), but this is not what I received. If I had received the correct product, I would have given it 5 stars.