This sexy hair color beautifully mixes light blonde with strawberry blonde and is easy to blend with blonde hair with multiple tones. With our Artisan 20"-22" Set, you can transform your look with long and lush hair by yourself in just a few minutes. With this 9-weft set (one 9" wide with 4 clips on, one 7" wide with 3 clips on, one 6" wide with 3 clips on, and six 1.5" with 1 clip on each), you can transform your look by adding hair length and creating new styles by yourself in just a few minutes without the hassle of glues, tapes or weaves. Firstly, the high quality human hair ensures your natural look and can be treated like your own hair. Secondly, our wefts are kept thick from the top to the end, and meticulously crafted with quality clips that are secure to grip, comfortable to wear and easy to apply. With the very light clips you can also expect our extensions to have 15% more hair than other sellers at this weight, ensuring the best value for your money. Moreover, the 9-piece combination is designed to offer flexibility and versatility for a range of customers who are different in head size, hair thickness and style preference. Unbelievably versatile styles you can create, at an unbeatable price you can afford! (Please note: human hair is tender by nature. The lifespan largely depends on how they are worn and taken care of. Improper shampoos/conditioners, frequently using heating tools, dyeing, heavily styling may shorten lifespan. Unlike our own growing hair on scalp, these extensions hair can no longer get nourishment and moisture from roots. They've also been colored to achieve the current color results. Please always use care products for color processed hair and follow the care, styling and maintenance tips & instructions we compiled. While the hair can be re-dyed, self-dyeing is not recommended unless by an experienced hair professional, as re-dyeing requires particular skills and dyeing products.)
Color: Dirty Blonde Highlights
Manufacturer: TressMatch
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by KDesnoyers >> See more reviews

Great product!

I was very pleased with the quality of these extensions, especially considering I've bought much more expensive extensions that were not nearly as nice as these. The seller was very prompt and I had my order in 2 days, which was well before their anticipated arrival date. Thank you very much, again I'm very happy with this product and would highly recommend!

Go for it

Very heavy, I have thick hair and it would require one more package to look right and then a haircut to blend it right. Other than that great quality, nice color and fun for a night out

by katharine fidler >> See more reviews

Be careful I should of got the ones that are ...

Be careful I should of got the ones that are for thicker hair still works but barely make sure you look at that

Five Stars

Excellent quality; I'm ised to spending upwards to $250 on my hair. This was a great find.

by Jacqueline >> See more reviews


I was not very happy with it. They are beautiful but I have not dyed them or anything, I've only washed and conditioned them, never styled them with heat yet they're falling apart. It says 12 months guaranteed, it should say 4 months guaranteed because that's when they started to fall apart for me. Kind of unhappy.