Our wheat blonde is particularly multi-toned, easy to blend with a range of darker to medium blonde shades. This 9-weft set (one 9" wide w/ 4 clips, one 7" wide w/ 3 clips, one 6" wide w/3 clips, and six 1.5" wide w/ 1 clip each) is designed to boost your beauty by adding length and style by yourself in a few minutes without the hassle of glues, tapes or weaves. Firstly, the quality human hair ensures your natural look and can be treated like your own hair. Secondly, our wefts are kept thick from the top to the end, and meticulously crafted with quality clips that are secure to grip, comfortable to wear and easy to apply. With the very light clips you can also expect our extensions to have 15% more hair than other sellers at this weight. Moreover, the 10-piece combination is designed to offer as much flexibility and versatility as possible. The three wider wefts (9", 7", 6") can fit with a range of customers who are different in head size, hair thickness and style preference. Even with the four 1.5" wide pieces alone, you have the flexibility to use all of them or for simply creating hair streaks, or use some of them for your desired look, or use two of them just as testers before you style the whole set. Unbelievably versatile styles you can create, at an unbeatable price you can afford! (Human hair is tender by nature. The quality and lifespan largely depends on how they are worn and taken care of. Improper shampoos/conditioners, frequently using heating tools, dyeing, heavily styling may shorten lifespan. Unlike our own growing hair on scalp, these extensions hair can no longer get nourishment and moisture from roots. They've also been colored to achieve the current color results. Please always use care products for color processed hair and follow the care, styling and maintenance tips & instructions we compiled. While the hair can be re-dyed, self-dyeing is not suggested unless by an experienced hair professional)
Color: Wheat Blonde
Manufacturer: TressMatch
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As advertised-OR SO I THOUGHT

Shipped fast. Received it in 2 days from UPS. The hair is nice and soft. It wasn't 22 inches though but still really long. If you have thick hair (like me) it is ALMOST enough hair. thinking about ordering more later. Worth the money. UPDATE: 11/26/2013 I have been wearing these everyday since i got them. I have washed them once, curled them once. I have deep conditioned them and i used macadamia oil in them. The hair is dull, no shine what so ever. My real hair is much softer then this hair. The extensions feel like Hay. The ends are uneven and it shows drastically now that i have worn them a little bit. I really liked these at first. They aren't the worst out there, but take my advice and save your money and buy something better.

On the fence to buy again

I was excited for this at first because I had purchased this before in the 18" length and the color was perfect. I got the same here but in the 22" length and the color is not right. The color is to be the same as I got before and even if it were sort of close I would have been happy. This one was off a lot. The first set (18") was more of an ashy blonde and the 22" here was more yellow. For the price I would think it would at least be close (not expecting a perfect match). Also the way the hair was sewn to the clips was not very good on several of the pieces. The quality of the hair and the packaging was very good as before. This did ship in a good time frame.

I didn't like the quality of this Remy Human" I would buy ...

I didn't like the quality of this Remy Human" I would buy it again. The hair wasn't silky and the after the first time I washed the hair it lost the little shine it had. Even though I took care of the hair and didn't wear it on a daily basis, the hair didn't last not even 2 months.

by Sara Cook >> See more reviews

Natural looking

This was a great set with different size/thickness options. My hair is a little to thin to be able to use the whole set without it showing. The color matched my hair perfect and I was able to trim the ends a bit to my desired length. Definitely looks natural!

Five Stars

Perfect match for my medium blonde hair. People often compliment me on the match. I recommend this product.


Not bad. Wish it was a bit thicker but stays in place well and holds color.

by c0nker TM >> See more reviews


Sister buys these she constantly buys the same ones. So they must be good

Two Stars

To cumbersome to do yourself.


these suck dont buy them if your reading reveiws and really want to trust them.. trust me these suck go to superhairoutlet,com


I researched many websites and clip in extensions and these were the best value. Great quality, easy to use and super fast shipping. The picture is a little inaccurate (color and length), so I ended up having to die mine which worked out because now they perfectly match.