Repair Damaged Skin

This award-winning, breakthrough formula of soothes and helps repair sensitive, irritated, and sunburned skin. The Revitalizing Booster Concentrate calms and cools the skin, and helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. It's particularly beneficial for skin traumatized by laser, radiation, AHA treatments, microdermabrasion, rosacea and after waxing or electrolysis treatments.

  • Soothes and heals sensitive, irritated skin
  • Helps the skin recover from harsh cosmetic treatments and conditions
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Neutralizes pink or reddened complexions

Allergy-tested for sensitive skin, the Revitalizing Booster Concentrate moisturizes skin without clogging pores or causing skin irritation.


Especially Suited For: All skin types, especially sensitive, irritated or reddened skin


Essential Elements: Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as bisabolol and Bio-Maple Compound reduce swelling and relieve irritated skin.

Free of: Fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, and artificial colors, which can irritate or clog skin. For Best Effect: Apply cream to face and neck, avoiding eye area, after cleansing and toning. Use morning and/or night, alone or in conjunction with other treatments and moisturizers. The formula may be used numerous times during the course of the day.

Feature: Soothe and help heal sensitive, irritated and reddened skin.
Manufacturer: B. Kamins
Size: 1.7 oz
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Best moisturizer for combination skin

I have used B. Kamins Booster Concentrate since 1996. It is the only product I found that aides combination skin and mild rosacea problems. It is expensive but you need only use a tiny bit at each application so it usually lasts a long time. I talked my daughter into using it and she agrees that it is terrific! In fact, all B. Kamins products are superior in my opinion. I understand that both Bill Clinton and the actor, Gabriel Byrne use it and other products for skin conditions. It's great!