There is one strap included in package along with detailed instructions. Strap are made from clear elastic that is very durable. The elastic will not tear when stretched to maximum capacity. The clear elastic blends into skin and becomes invisible. The fasteners are made of clear plastic and are 3/8" in size. They do not hurt or irritate the scalp as metal fasteners would. The straps can be worn two ways, using "double sided tape" as shown in the photos or hand sewn into the lace. When hand sewing the straps into the lace, use clear polyester thread and a sharp needle. This elastic is very durable and only a sharp tip needle with go through it. When sewing the straps into the lace, you must be very careful not to pick up to many holes in the lace. I have videos showing how to sew the straps in on my YouTube channel (lilyseymour) just search for "Wig Strap" videos in the "All About Wigmaking" section.
Color: Clear
Manufacturer: WigWeaves
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by Patti Johnson >> See more reviews

Love it!

I love this product! The strap, with the double-sided tape, holds the lace wig in place for secure fit. This is an excellent product for anyone that does not like using glue or lots of tape. The application is easy with minimal effort. I plan to purchase more soon! Wig Support Strap


I ordered this after watching a tutorial on youtube. I have problem with lace wigs irritating my fore head and this helped keep the lace off of it. I seen that someone said it wasnt big enough for wig tape but if you cut the half not only does it work but you save $$$ and get more tape. I will be purchasing more in the future.

by Scotty Scott >> See more reviews

This is the best

I love this product and will be purcharing more, This is the perfect product to use for your lace wigs when you want a snug fit!!

by Dominique beard >> See more reviews

They are awesome. Will definitely buy again

Bought for my wig unit! They are awesome. Will definitely buy again

One Star

not what I expected. too small for the lace wig tape.

No support

adhesive did not work well and the scrap is poorly made