A floral fruity fragrance for modern women Exotic, fresh, juicy, sweet & tempting Contains notes of red apple, jasmine & soft vanilla Launched in 2011 Perfect for all occasions
Feature: Victoria's Secret - Dream Angels Heavenly Temptation Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml/2.5oz
Manufacturer: victoria's secret
Size: 75ml/2.5oz
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by woodsgirl >> See more reviews

extremely happy

Well first off the window date they give you to allow for delivery, I received it a Day Earlier Than Scheduled! Do that was great, second came fully in plastic and the original box so you could tell it was brand new! Smells awesome at first I thought it smelled just like the bombshell but I have both so after testing it is similar but the temptation is sweeter but very very pleased with my purchase and would order from beauty bargain again thanks so much also was happy it was a perfume and not body mist! Some sellers are selling body mist for the price of perfume this was not the case with beauty bargain luv my purchase thanks again

Depends on the Day

I bought this at the VS Semi-Annual sale, and my feelings about it are mixed. I've worn it on several occasions, and it does seem to vary between smelling like B.O. or smelling beautiful. In the bottle, it smells wonderful. Once on my skin, it either smells awful and LITERALLY like body odor OR it smells delicious. It depends on the day, so it may just be my skin reacting weirdly with it. Doesn't have incredible staying power or silage, but not horrible.

Smells Great!

I bought this on a whim, i had never smelled it before but i generally like perfumes by Victoria's Secret. This one smells great! I was addicted to a perfume from Avon called Brasil Beat but it was an eau de toilette but it was discontinued a while back. This perfume smells JUST LIKE THAT... only better because its an actual perfume... I love it and the bottle is bright and pretty as well! I am very please with it!

by B. Roberts >> See more reviews

Lovely scent!

This was a great purchase! It was brand new and the box was sealed. I was nervous buying perfume online, afraid it might smell terrible. But this turned out to be a lovely scent and not too strong, and it does not have that rubbing alcohol smell a lot of fragrances seem to have. I bought it as a gift and they wear it all the time.

by Deborah Petersen >> See more reviews


This has got to be my favorite Victoria's Secret perfume. Went to get some this past winter and was informed that they no longer make it. This was a limited-time only scent. Get rid of some of the fruity scents!! Bring this one back. It is a very unique scent. There are a ton of fruity scents, but this one cannot be duplicated.

My Favorite Scent!!!

Love Love Love VS Heavenly Temptation! Every time I wear it I always get so many compliments from women and men. It is a sexy yet confident scent that is not over bearing. I ordered 2 bottles that came packaged brand new and earlier than I expected. I would definitely order from this seller again!!!

My favorite scent from VS

I am in love with this scent! I am so happy to have found this perfume on Amazon because I could not find it in VS stores or online. This scent is great to wear for a night out or on a date. It's a very sensual and capitivating smell and it lasts quite awhile.

by Rachelellen >> See more reviews

the BEST perfume I've ever used!

This perfume is by far my favorite one that I have ever used. It is so subtle, yet smells so delicious. I get compliments all the time that I smell so good! I pair it up with the lotion and the fragrance lasts all day. It's a beautiful scent.

by Wildtigers08 >> See more reviews

Great smell

Great blend of fragrance. Very strong at first,but more subtle. Fades away after a few hours though. Doesnt have great staying power

by Mariana Avila Ramirez >> See more reviews