Wheat blonde looks classic and is one of the most common blonde colors. Our wheat blonde is made with multi-tone, easy to match and blend with a range of darker to medium blonde shades. This 9-weft set (one 8" wide w/4 clips, one 7" wide w/3 clips, one 6" wide w/3 clips each, two 4" wide w/ 2 clips each, and four 1.5" wide w/1 clip each) has "the magic" to transform your beauty by adding hair length, volume and style by yourself in just a few minutes without the hassle of glues, tapes or weaves. Firstly, the quality human hair ensures your natural look. Secondly, our wefts are kept thick from the top to the end, and meticulously crafted with quality clips that are secure to grip, comfortable to wear and easy to apply. With the light clips you can also expect our extensions to have 15% more hair than other sellers at this weight, ensuring the best value for your money. Moreover, the 10-piece combination is designed to offer flexibility and versatility. The three wider wefts (9", 7", 6") can fit with a range of customers who are different in head size, hair thickness and style preference. Even with the four 1.5" wide pieces alone, you have the flexibility to use all of them for volume or simply creating hair streaks, or use one of them as testers before you style the whole set. (Human hair is tender by nature. The quality and lifespan largely depends on how they are worn and taken care of. Improper shampoos/conditioners, frequently using heating tools, dyeing, heavily styling may shorten lifespan. Unlike our own growing hair on scalp, these extensions hair can no longer get nourishment and moisture from roots. They've also been colored to achieve the current color results. Please always use care products for colored processed hair and follow the care, styling and maintenance tips & instructions we compiled. While the hair can be re-dyed, self-dyeing is not recommended unless by an experienced hair professional)
Color: Wheat Blonde
Manufacturer: TressMatch
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Just perfect

I received these extensions a week before the expected delivery date. I used to have keratin bonds so I was concerned about making the switch. I am happy I tried because I couldn't be any happier with my decision. The extensions are not expensive and blend wonderfully. They clip in comfortably and hold well on thin hair. I love them!

by Jessica Sutton >> See more reviews

Can't go a day with out wearing them!!!

It might sound pathetic but I literally do not leave my house without my extensions in!! They're absolutely perfect!! Got them 2 days after I ordered them!! They are so soft and shiny!! I'm going to order a second set just so I can have a set for curly and a set for straight. I don't want to ruin them in the long run by ironing or curling them too much! The curls hold very well. I re-curl them every two day! Highly recommend them!!!!

... going to match my hair but it was a perfect match alittle darker than the pictures but beautiful coloring

First time buying extensions and I must say I was nervous picking online cause I wasn't sure if it was really going to match my hair but it was a perfect match alittle darker than the pictures but beautiful coloring, they are shorter than I would have liked ( my real hair ends at my shoulders) if your looking for that wow factor buy the 20-22 inch, next time I will, but all in all I love them, they blend well, easy to clip. I'm happy with my purchase.

by Jericka Balcom >> See more reviews

Clip came broken

I was really really looking forward to these extensions, as I was sure I picked the right color. The color was perfect, however, the clip on the extensions came broken. It's clearly stated that before opening the package to make sure you want to keep them. Unfortunately I couldn't tell it was broke before opening the package (as all you can see is the hair portion without opening the plastic). I haven't worn them, but I also can't exchange them. They now sit on my dresser until I find the time to run down to the craft store to buy thread and figure out how to fix them. I'm now wishing I would have just paid a little bit more money to buy them in person, as I would have been able to use them immediately.

Good extensions, but you cannot color-match them

These extensions are beautiful and high quality but shed heavily after one wash. I have had several other remy extensions and I always color match them to my hair. These extensions DO NOT TAKE COLOR, while many others do. I wanted to make them just a touch more golden-colored but I could not get rid of the ashy blonde. It almost looks a touch silver/grey in natural light. If you're someone who color-matches extensions, I would not recommend buying these. It's a shame because I wasted not only the money on the extensions, but then on having a hair stylist color match them which did not work. I am sure if your hair color is more on the neutral or cool side these would work.

I do not believe that these are truly Remi/human hair

giving these 3 stars. I have alot of experience with extensions and these are very middle 50%... the hair is a great match to my hair but tended to look too shiny when styled so that it became obvious. I do not believe that these are truly Remi/human hair they feel incredibly synthetic, although they have been holding up to washing, curling, and straightening so no complaints there. For the price, these are exactly what you would expect. If you want to truly get a great match for human hair extensions you will pay atleast double...

Good quality; however, wrong color

The overall quality of the extensions was very good; however, the color was nowhere near the color in the picture. The wheat blonde is pictured as a dark highlighted blonde; however, the actual extensions had an ashy-gray-pink color to them. I returned and re-ordered, after emailing Tressmatch a few pictures and they were able to recommend a different shade. I do however think that the pictures should more accurately represent the color. And no, it is not my monitor.

by Hollie White >> See more reviews

The price is only a little cheaper than the ones I previously bought but the quality is definitely better. My favorite feature i

I have been using Sally's Beauty Supply extensions for years, and I'm now switching to Tressmatch. The price is only a little cheaper than the ones I previously bought but the quality is definitely better. My favorite feature is the clips, they don't snag or hurt your scalp yet they hold perfectly. If you are an every day extension wearer these are the ones to buy, no end of the day headache and the hair itself maintains it's quality even with everyday use.


Buying something like this online was a chance but one that paid off. The hair is real hair as it says and WOW it's awesome. I love the color and it matches my own perfectly. Very easy to use and looks great. This length is long but not too long (about mid-back for me). The instructions are easy to follow for the care of this product. I would absolutely buy this again. For my first experience with something like this, I am more than pleased.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Wrong color, low quality

Usually I buy from tressmatch with confidence, but this time I was very disappointed. The wheat blonde I ordered came in as an ash blonde, almost grey. After the first wash, the hair looked months old. As times passes the quality of tressmatch hair has definitely declined and I'm an unsatisfied customer. I always order from tressmatch but will probably order elsewhere next time.