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(Jim's wife) FROM OTHER REVIEWS, I EXPECTED DIRTY BUTTER, FULL OF BITS, THAT SMELLED DISGUSTING....NOPE...IT'S VERY GOOD!! I just removed it from the 'bag' that it came in, and put it in glass containers and put it in the FRIDGE. There were no bits of twigs or shells, whatsoever. It was usable AS IS, which I have done. As far as the smell goes...it has a faint olive aroma, which I didn't mind at all. There was no burnt smell like ojon oil has. One reviewer compared the texture to play doh, and that's very accurate. It melts EASILY, when you rub your palms together....no need to microwave, unless you have arthritis. I do add a drop of scented oil to it, cause who doesn't want to smell good?? This shea butter has restored moisture to my alligator, dry legs...yess!! I even use it on my face at night. Oh yes, no more dried out heels for me. So if you're looking for a chemical free, unprocessed, straight up 'good' value product, with words, or WORD in it that you can pronounce, give it a try...you have nothing to lose but dry skin! On a final note...there are many simple recipes on the web, for making your own body butter....it's a win, win all around.

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I like the quantity, but I'm unsure about the quality.

I just got mine in the mail, was super excited as this was my first time ordering from amazon.com. The shea butter came in a large plastic bag. The color was ivory and white...this I've never seen before. It had a marble type of look. So as I usually do, I melted it in a pot on the stove and put it into my containers and refrigerated it. The next morning when I went to use it, it was very oily. Almost like Vaseline. It had some dirt in it as we'll. Not enough to get bent out of shape about. I also noticed the residue in the pot and the shea butter had separated from whatever oil was in it. In conclusion, this shea butter is either extremely raw and unrefined to the point that you'd have to manually seep rate the shea butter from the oil, or it's not pure and it has been cut with oil. It smells like shea butter an coconut butter. I like the quantity, but I'm unsure about the quality.

Wonderful quality but -

This is my second shipment for this shea butter - same weight as well. I did consider getting the ten pound package because I would use it that quickly, but I was concerned after another commenter said she bought the smaller package and got a poorer product when she ordered the larger package the second time. This shea butter is beautiful - creamy, clean and rich. I give it less than five stars because this shipment came in just under three pounds - barely but still under and that was including the plastic packaging bag. I do a lot of bulk dividing and always try to ensure the buyer gets at least what he pays for. Cannot expect everyone to have my business standards but I can give my opinion. I will order from smellgood again and hope for a little better.

Received only 2/3rds of the 3-lb order...three TUBS, yes. But only 2 lbs.of shea butter.

I received 3 "tubs" of shea butter, but they felt lighter than a pound each. I weighed them on an accurate digital scale, and all three tubs (including the plastic tubs) weighed only 2 lbs 1.75 ounces, while it should have been 3 lbs of shea butter PLUS a few ounces for the tubs. In summary, I received about 2/3rds of what I ordered. If you order this, please weigh your purchase to ensure you receive what you paid for. I have contacted the seller and hope they will make this right. If they do, I will modify this review. Update December 17, 2014: 30 days after my order and initial contact with the company, I received another tub of shea butter with a different return address. This additional tub brought my order total up to 3 lbs, which includes the weight of the plastic tubs. That is "close enough" for me, and we are thankful to finally feel comfortable opening a tub without fear of being asked to return it. I'm going to update from one star to reflect the correction of the order. The quality is fine. It smells like shea butter should, and is smoother than some shea butter I've ordered in the past. Hopefully, the company is using a different supplier now that sends the right amount of shea butter. But, I still recommend double checking the weight of what you receive "just in case!"

Murky Shea Butter

I received the shea butter in a locked plastic bag with another plastic bag covering it. The shea butter inside ranged from the usual off white color I am used to to a grey-ish murky color. I've bought shea butter from multiple sellers and have never seen the grey tone. It's important for the shea butter I use to be off white and not discolored. I make body/hair products for resale so the color of the transformed products needs to be as closely to white. I also found pieces of debris/nut shell in my butter. I fixed this by straining the melted product. However, I was annoyed by this. Because of issues of sterility,etc. I gave the product a three because of the creaminess, but much could be improved.

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First timer from this seller.... From Tina Marie

This is a very good seller to buy your Shea Butter from. I'm use to buying mines from coastal Scent but a friend ask me to try this seller jus once and see if I can work with it. Well I made my different kind of scented Shea Butter and lip Balm and it turned out great so yes I will be buying again soon after this batch is gone.

Shea butter

This stuff came quickly in plastic wrapping. I make wonderful lotions from it. Its everything I wanted from shea butter :)

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Dark spots within a few weeks

Purchased Jan 30, by Feb 17 it had dark spots all over. Never have I had this happen with Shea butter. I will gladly edit this review if that is normal or supposed to happen. I store it in a cool area away from sunlight.

Poor quality

Shea butter arrived quickly. I expected the color to be ivory but it was a greenish grey and the smell was awful. I've never smelled shea butter, so I thought that it was expected, especially since it was raw and unrefined. I went ahead and made a body butter with essential oils but the smell of shea way overpowered it.I gave the rest of the shea away since the scent was so powerful that it made me sick to my stomach. I recently purchased raw, unrefined shea from a reputible source and the color is ivory and the scent is strong but nothing compared to what I purched from SmellGood. I would advise to NOT purchase this item.

Great body product!

Loved it. Soft, easy to use. Mixed with cocoa butter and a few more things it made great lotion, whipped body butter, ointment, and lip balm.