Bold volume and extreme long wear. Step 1: builds dramatically bold volume. Step 2: seals for 24hr wear. Washable basecoat; waterproof topcoat. Removes like a washable mascara. Contact lens safe, ophthalmologist tested.
Manufacturer: Maybelline-Garnier-Essie, Consumer Products Division of L'Oréal USA S/D, Inc.
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I will miss that mascara.

This mascara is discontinuing and I can buy only online. I have no idea what I will do without it. With XXL mascara, my eyelashes is very sick but soft. I have tried all Maybelline mascara and ONLY XXL can give me same effect. Delivery was very fast as promised.

long full lashes

I do not get my desired look from just using this. I normally have to use 4 different mascaras to get my desired look. now I only need to use this + Benefits they're real! mascara. I like a full , dark and long look . not clumpy though. I enjoy the brushes on this & seems like it will last a while. package was kind of beat up when it arrived but no damage to the product which is why I don't really mind and am still giving it 5 stars.

ok mascara

It was good overall, but my mascara was unsealed but packaged (if that makes sense) I'm african American n have long eyelashes and a beginner with makeup so its good, plus it doesn't clump!

Pretty good :)

I liked thus mascara it made my lashes look nice and full! And it didn't flake on me! Also the color is really black so it will definitely darken your lashes :)

Love it!

I bought this mascara while traveling and absolutely loved it. I seared far and wide at all my local stores, couldn't find it anywhere. I finally reverted to my old ways of ordering online while stationed overseas, and BAM! I found it :) Sooo happy over this find!!

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Great Mascara

Very good product. Definitely would recommend. Hope it can be purchased in the future as there is always new but not always improved.

Awesome mascara....!!!!

This is the best mascara. It goes on so easy and dark. No clumping. Makes my lashes look so long. Wish you could still buy in stores.

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Loyal to Maybelline

I have always trusted Maybelline. I have sensitive skin and allergies. I have always thought of Maybelline as a pure and quality product. After using XXL 24Hr Bold Mascara for a long time, I learned it was no longer in stores. I was happy to find it on line. It makes no sense to me why the company would stop selling this great mascara in stores. When I couldn't find it in the store I tried Turbo Volume Express, by Maybelline. Bad idea. It has a strong chemical smell, flakes in your eyes and it is hard to apply. Companies should show consumers the same loyalty we show them. We will always try new products but would like to go back to the tried and true if we don't the new products. I hope Maybelline will put XXl 24Hr Bold back in the stores.

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You get what you pay for!

When I saw this low price, I was so excited I ordered 2. This is the mascara I use, and have used for probably 4 years now. However, I now see why the price is so low! The mascara smelled fine and looked fine, but it went on clumpy and thick. I opened the other tube, and same thing. It had obviously been sitting around for probably years. It was too much trouble to send back, so I tossed both tubes. Usually this is great mascara. I will continue to buy it at the store, but will never order online again. At least not from this seller!

This mascara gave me bloodshot eyes

This has never happened before. I've never had any issues with any other eye makeup. I used this mascara and my eyes burned. When I looked in the mirror, they were completely bloodshot. I thought it was allergies or perhaps something I had done. It cleared up within 2 days. Then I wore the mascara again a few days later and it happened again. I ended up tossing it out, since that was awfully painful and not worth it. Not sure why this happened, but it hasn't happened since with any other brand.