Black hair is the darkest and most common hair color, delivering an exotic and mysterious impression. This 9-weft set (one 9" wide w/ 4 clips, one 7' wide w/ 3 clips, one 6" wide w/ 3 clips, & six 1.5" wide w/ 1 clip each) has "the magic" to boost your hair beauty by adding length and style by yourself in just a few minutes without the hassle of glues, tapes or weaves. Firstly, the high quality human hair ensures your natural look and can be treated like your own hair. Secondly, our wefts are kept thick from the top to the end, and meticulously crafted with quality clips that are secure to grip, comfortable to wear and easy to apply. With the very light clips you can also expect our extensions to have 10% more hair than other sellers at this weight, ensuring the best value for your money. Moreover, the 9-piece combination is designed to offer as much flexibility and versatility as possible. The three wider wefts (9", 6" and 6") can fit with a range of customers who are different in head size, hair thickness and style preference. Even with the six 1.5" wide pieces alone, you have the flexibility to use all of them or for simply creating hair streaks, or use two of them as testers before you style the whole set. (Please note: human hair is tender by nature. The lifespan largely depends on how they are worn and taken care of. Improper shampoos/conditioners, frequently using heating tools, dyeing, heavily styling may shorten lifespan. Unlike our own growing hair on scalp, these extensions hair can no longer get nourishment and moisture from roots. They've also been colored to achieve the current color results. Please always use care products for color processed hair and follow the care, styling and maintenance tips & instructions we compiled. While the hair can be re-dyed, self-dyeing is not recommended unless by an experienced hair professional, as re-dyeing requires particular skills and dyeing products.)
Color: Off Black
Manufacturer: TressMatch
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Very pleased!

I am very happy with my purchase of these extensions.I have bought some before online and have been so dissatisfied because I got such thin and stringy hair extensions which made it so obvious they were fake. These extensions from Tressmatch are really what they say they are! Thick, silky and smooth!They blend perfectly with my shoulder length hair!I will definitely recommend to a friend!

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I love these extensions! I have used Tressmatch previously when my hair was lighter , I had the Dark Brown #2 set. I have ordered tons of other sets from amazon trying to match my new hair color. I had black low lights put in and I really didnt think I would be a 1b. Turns out I am. As for color it blends fine, I have dark brown and black hair. Next to my brown extensions it looks black, but on its own it doesnt look jet black. Is it a true 1b? Im not sure. Hopefully my pictures help . Its definitely dark. These are long and thick from top to bottom. I have had so many extensions that thin out at the ends so they dont really give you 22" . These are lush , full and gorgeous. I used my flat iron to curl them, I find that they blend better into my hair with a loose curl than totally straight. I curl them BEFORE I clip them in so I'm not pulling on my own hair with the clips in . My hair is long to begin with I like the full glamourous look. In the pictures attached I'm not even wearing 4 of the 1" clips. I have everything else in though.

by Jordan Kelli >> See more reviews

1 year later, still in love! <3

These were my second extensions to ever purchase. My first set was from Sallys, but don't even get me started on how terrible those were. After searching around, I found Tressmatch. I was extremely hesitant since I knew nothing about extensions and they were coming from online but ordered them anyway. When these arrived, they gave me a few issues. At first they were perfect and I was so happy! But just a few weeks later, there was so much shedding and tangling and it was just not good. BUMMER. I emailed the seller, Jane, and she was such a delight! She asked for pictures of the problems so I sent pictures and a video just to show the ridiculous shedding and other issues. She then sent me a second batch, free of charge!! That blew my mind but I was and still am sooo grateful. Thanks to Jane and her amazing customer service, I have had these extensions close to a year now and I have NO complaints. I have colored, cut, straitened, curled and even BLEACHED them and they are still in excellent shape. Hard to believe, I know. My own hair doesn't even make it through as well as my extensions have. Obviously being a year, one weft of the hair has bit the dust. The clips on it just quit snapping but that wasn't until last week. So 11 months of perfect hair, woop woop! Once I am able to, I will be ordering another set. I recommend these to everyone.

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Great deal!

wonderful product!!! My friend sent me this set as a gift. After opening it and trying it on before a mirror - oh gorgeous! The best thing I love about it this how the weft is made. I've used hair extensions for years. Almost all the20 inch extensions I bought before are very thick at the top, looking bulky, but below 14" toward the end the wefts becomes super thin, giving me a fake or stringy look when I wore them. But this one has more volume towards the end. Since the top part is only slightly thicker than the bottom the whole set does not come across as overwhelmingly thick . I put it on...guess own hair lays on top of the extensions seamlessly. I think that is because of the volume at the bottom is very decent. Well-made product good price I love love it!!!


I found these extensions on Amazon and ended up purchasing directly from their website. All I have to say is I regret this purchase and I regret not investing more money into dependable extensions. The hair felt full and soft right when I pulled them out of the package. That's the one star. After the first wash (and I followed their directions EXACTLY from their video on YouTube), the full feeling vanished and the softness cut down by half. My hair was down to my butt when I decided to cut it down to sit right above my shoulders. For my wedding, I decided on these extensions to give me the long hair look again. I booked an appointment with a 5 star and super expensive salon the morning of my wedding and gave her these extensions to put in. Her jaw almost dropped and said this was not enough hair despite the 10 wefts that they give you. I ordered the 20" Black Elite set. She curled them and blended it with my hair as much as she could and the final result was 7/10. I said it's not BAD but it's not great either but decided to keep them in. 2 hours later, my wedding began. Looking back at my wedding pictures now, they turned out HORRIBLE. Not because of the photographer, not because of my makeup, but because of my HAIR. The curls in these extensions dropped after 2 hours and half a can of hair spray by the stylist, and I was left with these straggly strands that made it so obvious there were poor quality extensions in my head. If you already have long hair and just want volume, my recommendation is that these would work. If you have short hair and are looking for extensions to make your hair look long, I would not recommend these extensions. They just don't have the weight and thickness to them that you need for a full set of hair. My wedding pictures are ruined now and there is nothing I can do about it now. "/

by June Livingston >> See more reviews

Gave as a gift to my daughter in law

Looks just like her natural hair! She's told me that they are easy to use and she gets so many compliments.

Beautiful Hair

Great Remy Clip in hair. I had micro beads which left me bald. I needed to repair my hair, and still look gorgeous. These Clip ins are perfect. Beautiful hair, the gram weight is perfect. Everyone loves my hair...and it is even longer than before!! You will not be disappointed!!!

by Shiloh Hill >> See more reviews

i love it

I love these extensions they are great quality not thin at all, I am very happy with them, I curl them and straten them all the time and their holding up very well, this is definitely a great price, I compared them to the stores before I bought them, & ive gotten allot of compliments and I have been recommending them to others.

Good if enough

I bought this for my sister but she had me order more because they're a bit thin and look fake if you don't have enough.

by chelsee mcmillin >> See more reviews

Good if you don't want to wear a lot.

They are a decent thickness. They will make thin hair a lot thicker, but if you have thick hair already they blend well enough for it not to be a huge deal, but if you want thickness these are not for you. Not all real human hair. Some strands melted and fried up when styles with heating product, even on lowest setting. Ordered the off black ones and they had red and blond strands of hair in them. They aren't horrible, especially if you don't want to wear them a lot or for a younger person and first time extensions.