Infused oil With Certified Organic Olive Oil & Horse chestnuts. Extraction method : Cold pressed -- You will not find strongest infused oils. Compare our colors to other oils on the market, most of which are pale, our oil is much deeper. -- Open a bottle of our Horse chestnut infused oil and you rewarded with the fragrance of the Horse chestnut , not the smell of the Olive oil. -- We use the best Organic Olive oil and add there fresh dried Horse chestnuts. The oil and the herb mixture warmed for a week, then is drained and recharged with more fresh dried Horse chestnut . -- This procedure repeated for 3 times and we create a triple-infused therapeutic oil. -- We add in our oils double quantity of Horse chestnut than other producers. -- The last secret that makes our oils more effective is that we produce them with ....a lot of love. That's why our infused oils are the best -- These oils also make excellent bases for salves, creams and lotions. -- Our oils are made fresh every growing season. They are the freshest, most vibrant oils on the market. -- Each one includes expiration date. Horse chestnut oil will last up to 3 years if kept cool and dark. -- These oils are not to be confused with essential oils, which are generally a product of distillation. The unique actions of Horse Chestnut Oil are targeted to the vessels of the circulatory system. Aesculus hippocastanum is a medium-sized, rapidly growing deciduous tree, 15-17 meters in height, commonly known as horse chestnut or konker tree. It is native in the Balkans and western Asia. Now horse chestnut tree is cultivated in temperate regions worldwide. Its oil extracts from the seeds.
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Five Stars

great stuff. it cools the burn in varicose veins.

Five Stars

I use this to help dilute my perfume oil

Strongly olive oil

I bought this. It came from Greece, arrived promptly, and was in a glass bottle with glass stopper, nice. But contrary to what was stated, it smells strongly of olive oil. there is a faint scent of herbs, but mostly olive oil. Since I got it for the scent, not varicose veins, it is useless to me.

by E. Boerjes >> See more reviews

Not working for me, but it may work someone else

I missed it in the description that the horse chestnut is actually infused in olive oil. I was seeking a more pure form of horse chestnut oil for varicose vein support. Although the oil is hydrating I don't really see much of any improvement to my vein appearances.

by Jack J. Kary >> See more reviews

A good quality oil

A thick, smooth oil. Only had it a week, but it seems to do what horse chestnut is proclaimed to do.

by Beverly Phillips >> See more reviews

Five Stars