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Best Toothbrushes!

Love these ergo brushes that are recyclable! The handles rest so comfortably in your hand and work great when joints are stiff! The soft bristles give a thorough cleaning every time! Highly recommend them!

No more prepaid recycling

The toothbrush is fine. Not the best I have ever used, not the worst by far. Why I was buying those toothbrushes was the recycling program. I felt good being able to recycle effectively. The program HAS EFFECTIVELY ENDED. Despite claims on the packaging, Preserve will no longer dispatch the postage paid envelopes for the toothbrushes. Talk about a letdown.

by Gary L. Newberry >> See more reviews


I have used these toothbrushes for a couple of year's now and I will keep buying until they stop making them. Great recycleing.

by Tim Smithells >> See more reviews


I find the shape and angle of the head and handle fit my mouth better than any other toothbrush I have ever used.

by lacey2402 >> See more reviews

Preserve is pure perfection!

After years of brushing too hard with medium and soft bristles, I was instructed by my dentist to use only EXTRA soft. Because I'm more interested in "made in the USA" products and a fan of recycling, this find thrilled me. Absolutely love! Will continue to buy.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Love 6x over

I love preserve toothbrushes and the mail back packs make it so easy to recycle them. They are not too hard or soft and I've got different colors now so it'll be easy to keep track of whether I've changed brushes every few months.

by andrew manuel >> See more reviews

My favorite toothbrush.

I had been able to pick these up at a local store, and I absolutely loved them, the design is simple and I cannot explain why but I really enjoy brushing my teeth with Preserve toothbrushes, the bristles are soft and feel very good not stiff and abrasive like others I've used. When my local store stopped carrying these I was a bit lost and I tried other brands, after not being happy with any of them I've returned to the Preserve family and I now order from Amazon. Being able to order several at a time is convenient as well so it kind of works out.

Bristles are actually soft.

These toothbrushes are great! The bristles are actually very soft. I can tell because sometimes I brush too hard , but with these toothbrushes my gums never bleed even when I brush hard so that's a major plus. The price is great too especially if you give a couple of them away to other people.

Like the soft bristles

Softer than the "soft" level toothbrush you'd buy at the drugstore, but I'd say "ultra soft" is a bit of hyperbole. In any case, it's soft enough for my purposes. I don't love the angle on the head, but I've mostly gotten used to it after a couple weeks of use.

These toothbrushes are really good. My wife has sensitive gums so she needed ...

These toothbrushes are really good. My wife has sensitive gums so she needed the softest bristles possible and these toothbrushes are the softest ever used! If you're looking for an eco friendly soft bristled toothbrush then look no further these are great!