Absorption: Will leave a very oily feeling on skin. * Aromatic Aroma: Evening Primrose oil is aromaless. * Consistency: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils. * Extraction Method: Cold Pressed * Color: Pale yellow to golden yellow * Shelf Life: Shelf life of 6 months to 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.
Manufacturer: Edens Garden
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It's A Keeper!

Edens Gardens has a great product and I have used this as my carrier oil for my homemade facial serum and eye serum. The quality is just there and I wouldn't use any other brand because there is no way to improve on this one!

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Edens Garden Evening Primrose 100% pure carrier/base oil

i REALLY like this product. in fact, i've ordered it again. i have rosacea, so every day i use evening primrose oil on my face. many thanks to all at edens garden for a great product.

Nature's facelift

i'm 25, so I don't have wrinkles yet. But this oil is as I said, nature's facelift. It prevents premature aging, adds elasticity to your skin making it smooth and firm, rejuvenates and hydrates dry skin, acts as a wrinkle treatment by decreasing wrinkles and fine lines smoothes and soothes rough, dry skin and also reduces the signs of aging. It also helps acne and skin conditions while it works as an antioxidant, so you can't possibly go wrong with it. That's what I thought, and after using it for a while I must say my skin looks radiant! I absolutely love it, and Eden's gardens does a spectacular job in producing the most natural oils in the highest possible quality. Thank you!

excellent moisturizer?! who knew?

Ok, So I thought for SURE this was going to break me out. I mean the whole idea of an oil as a moisturizer in this world of oil-free everything is just nuts, right? Well. I was mistaken. It's ridiculous how well this works on my skin. I have been having some serious dryness on my cheeks and nose because of the winter even though the temperatures are mild, and I normally have a pretty oily t-zone to boot. But I started cleansing every night and following up with a witch-hazel toner to remove any left over dirt/oil and residual cleanser. Then I mix some primrose and argan oil for my face (a little goes a long way, and a damp face is much easier to apply on than a dry one). It's been about a week and I've noticed less dry patches, less redness (unexpected), and no change in breakouts or blackheads (really unexpected). I got the idea from a DIY blog that I love, and I believe she uses jojoba as a blending oil instead of argan oil (jojoba is the closest of the oils to our own face oil I've been told), but I'm noticing pretty similar results as is. Note: I can only review for myself. Everyone's skin type is different, so it's safe to assume that some people might not have the same results. I will update if anything changes.

Awesome carrier oil!

WOW!! Excellent night time carrier oil. My skin looks and feels younger. It is not greasy or messy... even my husband has noticed the difference. One of my faves.

Love it

I love this. I use it in my homemade lotion bars and it the smell was a little off putting at first but now that I'm used to it I love it. Would definitely buy again

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews


I have found this to be a great item! I have purchased quite a bit from this company as I am just starting out with EO's.

by erin earnest >> See more reviews

Five Stars

love using this with my essential oils

by cynthia e sandness >> See more reviews

primrose oil

this oil is thin bodied and a fishy smell , it might be good for acne as it seems more drying. not full bodied like meadow foam.

Great oil!

I use this with many other oils for topical application. I love Eden's Garden oils!