G.M. Collin's Sensiderm Treating Lotion is a perfect hydrating fluid, with extracts of rose, blueberry and blackberry, and hyaluronic acid, nature's "water magnet." Sensiderm Treating Lotion is recommended for normal to dry, and sensitive skin. It contains no fragrance or alcohol. It is an essential step in treating dry sensitive skin, because it helps to maximize the benefits of the skin care programs. Sensiderm Treating Lotion moisturizes, soothes and tones the skin. It prepares the skin to better absorb the G.M. Collin treatment products that follow.
Feature: GM Collin - Sensiderm Treating Mist 500ml / 17oz
Manufacturer: GM Collin
Size: 17 Ounces
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Heavenly mist

This mist is so calming for my Rosecea skin. It also helps my other products from the same line glide on smoothy

by Chris Berry >> See more reviews

love this line!

I used AVEDA products at home and my facials were done by a young lady that recommended the G.M Collins line for sensitive skin. Had what my dermatologist called acute acne. Was treated with many prescription drugs one cost $775.00 per 1oz tube.(Zenia). Even that did not work. I continued to break out. Went I switched to the sensitive skin line it started to go away and now I have clear skin once again. Not sure what brought it all on however I fought wit this for over a year trying different creams and ointments given to me by my Doctor!! Even went on antibiotics for over two months trying to correct the problem. I am a believer.. try it for yourself and I think you too will be.

by Jeannie McFarland >> See more reviews

It is great for my sensitive skin

I have been using this mist for many years! It is great for my sensitive skin. Eliminates breakouts and decreases redness. I use it after I wash my face and during the day to refresh my skin.

by Sabrina Johnson >> See more reviews


Such a gentle and soothing treating mist that keeps my skin hydrated all day. Highly recommend.

by arlington shopper >> See more reviews

Like a non astringent toner

I've been using this like a toner (spray it onto a cotton round) daily for more than a year. I really notice a difference when I don't use it. It helps keep away pimples without drying out my skin. It also helps with redness. I have combination (dry, oily T zone) sensitive skin.

by Cool nerd >> See more reviews

I like this product.

Great precursor to the application of your evening night lotion. Also, it helps extend the life of your lotion because you use less when using this misting spray. Please note that this liquid is not a lotion but rather a water like spray.

G.M. Collin Sensiderm Treating Lotion

I've used G.M. Collin products before and love them for my sensative skin. When I don't feel like doing the whole skin care thing I just spritz on the treating lotion so my skin doesn't feel dry.

by debbie gillham >> See more reviews

I love this, I use it when it with my ...

I love this, I use it when it with my waxing services.

by E. VanGrofski >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Love the product!

Works very well

It doesn't need much of a description because it works perfectly fine. It isn't oily or either hurts your skin when applied, this product is alcohol free.