For Oily or Acne-Prone Skin

G.M. COLLIN Acne Kit includes:

G.M. COLLIN PURACNE Oxygen Purifying Cleansing Gel (50 ml/1.7 oz.) - with 1% Salicylic Acid and 4% Glycolic Acid purifies and removes excess sebum. First step to control breakouts and comedones.

G.M. COLLIN Acne Complex (15 ml/0.51 oz.) - For localized imperfections and comedons. Purifies effectively oily skin with problems. Calms, soothes and improves oily skin conditions.

G.M. COLLIN PURACNE Oxygen Gel (15 ml/0.5 oz.) - Boosts the skin's natural defenses. Balances sebum production and detoxifies, hydrates and refines the skin's texture.

Manufacturer: G.M. COLLIN
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I wanted to give this a try after experiencing at ...

I wanted to give this a try after experiencing at Spa, I am getting few acne as a side effect of my thyroid medication ( I believe). My acne versioned immediately after using this for couple of days. Had same experience after restarting. Did not work for me.

Clear Skin!!

The product arrived very fast, was brand new, and was perfect for traveling. My esthetician uses GM Collin for my facials so I decided to try it and my skin has been clear ever since! Definitely recommend!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

How to get clear skin fast! You must be consistent though!

I love this kit! A little goes a long way. Unfortunately this product can only be purchased at stores where you have a cosmetology license, so thats why I am so happy I can purchase it on Amazon. Any girl suffering with acne I would recommend using this product and getting on some type of birth control and after you have been on the birth control for about 4 months, (if your like me and don't really like taking birth control) then ween yourself off of it and continue to use this product for your face and your skin problems should shortly disappear.

by SHERLOCKED >> See more reviews


I don't want to jinx myself because this product is working SO WELL for m, but the public MUST KNOW! I was heavily skeptical of this product but then after the first two days I saw an amazing difference in my skin--it was CLEAR! I hope that this product continues to work for me in the near and happy future. :)

Very disappointed.

This order was not new. The box was opened and the containers have been opened before as well. I was out of the country when this arrived and didn't have time to deal with it until after I came back which was after the return period. Very disappointed.

by Rosalyn M. >> See more reviews

Nothing else compares...

Best acne solution ever!

by Kristie Spadaccini >> See more reviews

Love the product

I've had hormonal acne breakouts for some time now and this is the first product that has truly helped minimize my breakouts without leaving my skin dry and lifeless. Love the product.

by Larissa Exum >> See more reviews


Love this product!! Worth every penny. Don't waste your time and money on OTC face products!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

One Star

Didn't work. Had more breakouts. Tried the whole kit for 3 weeks. Won't buy this again.

by Luvlifelive2012 >> See more reviews

Great Product

This is a great product. Results immediate! Strong acne control without harsh feeling. Truly worth every penny! I will be a GM user for a long time!