TAG Pearl Silver Face Paint is a little softer than TAGs regular paints and contain Mica for a metallic sheen. TAG Pearl Face Paint does not contain any metal. TAG Face Paint is very easy to blend, soft on the skin and does not crack or peel. Most of TAGs face painting colors are great for line work and lighter face painting colors show very well even when over darker colors. TAG facepaint has a wax base, so your face painting design flexes with movement instead of cracking, remains colorful and is comfortable to wear. TAG is a very soft creamy face paint and needs less water to activate than normal face paint. TAG face paint is hypoallergenic and made with non-toxic, skin safe ingredients. Each 32 gram TAG Pearl Silver Face Paint Container is good for 50-200 applications.
Color: Silver
Manufacturer: TAG Body Art
Size: M
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"Pearl Silver" has a very light application. Very Opaque.

I used this up before any of my other paints (including white and black). It has very faint coverage, and it does not do well as a "base coat" with a sponge for big designs like a wolf or robot, etc. It's just too opaque - it would take several coats to get the "silver" I was looking for, and that just takes too long when you have a giant line of kids that want their faces painted. I even tried to use it as a one stroke with my brushes for sharks or Thor's helmet, and again, I had to go over it several times to "pop." I was certainly sad when I used the last of it within just a few face paint gigs. I will point out the good - this color does look pretty killer when used on a stencil over colors like green and blue. The "pearl" silver is not my favorite, but I have since tried different silvers from TAG, and they are much more to my liking.

by J. Donoughe >> See more reviews

I like it

I bought silver and gold as I was going to start practicing full faces but needed Silver and gold so bought this on a friends recommendation. I like it goes on well little streaking and comes off well as well. Nice product will be buying more tag paint.

by Thistle Hill >> See more reviews

TAG - always good

Really liked the effect the pearl silver gave my Christmas face paint designs. It was a hit with kids and parents alike.