Blemish Be Gone

Blemish Gel 10% is an oil-free and color-free benzoyl peroxide gel that delivers stronger acne-fighting properties. It helps to clear blemishes, blackheads and spots, while controlling bacterial growth to prevent future breakouts. Invisible after application, Blemish Gel 10% has twice the strength of Blemish Gel 5% and is an ideal treatment for both adolescent and adult acne.

  • Repairs and replenishes skin
  • Invisible after application
  • Firms the epidermis

It is an effective spot treatment for acne breakouts. The hydrating formula moisturizes as it works to help prevent skin from over-drying and becoming flaky.


Especially Suited For: All skin types


Essential Elements: Benzoyl peroxide helps to control acne-causing bacterial growth and clear blemishes, blackheads and spots. Moisturizing Bio-Maple Compound helps prevent skin from drying out excessively.


Free of: Oil, color and fragrance

For Best Effect: Can be used as a spot treatment or applied in a thin layer to affected areas, after cleansing and toning. Begin with one application daily, gradually increasing up to two times daily. Reduce application if severe dryness occurs. When using this product, it is always recommended to apply a sunscreen before sun exposure. First allow Blemish Gel to dry, then follow sunscreen directions.

Feature: This unique benzoyl peroxide gel effectively treats moderate to severe acne breakouts.
Manufacturer: B. Kamins
Size: 1 oz
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Very effective, but will ruin your clothing if...

This product works very well, and very quickly. Be cautious though, it will ruin your clothing and linens like bleach would.

One of the best acne products I've ever used.

Great acne product especially for those boil like zits that never come to a head. This works great overnight on those.

Five Stars

only thing that works for my skin