Now, false lash glam goes flared. Up, out and over the top, instantly. Our exclusive spoon brush loads lashes with massive volume and presses them into a flared arch while our flexible-hold formula with pro-key fiber provides a lasting curve.
Color: Very Black
Manufacturer: Maybelline-Garnier-Essie, Consumer Products Division of L'Oréal USA S/D, Inc.
Size: .31 OZ
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by OmbreGracieuse >> See more reviews

Perfect for the price!

I'd been meaning to get one of these, but with a hefty $12 price tag, I was hesitant to want to spend that much on -any- makeup product. Fortunately for me, I found it on a super good sale at Target, AND had a coupon. All together, I spent $4.00 on one, and LOVE it! PROS: 1. I love the color. I got the darkest shade that Target had, and when it goes on it is so dark that my top eyelid looks almost like it has a layer of eyeliner on it. I love the effect. 2. It doesn't clump. There are bristles all the way around the wand, and even some on top. No clumps, no nothing. It was WONDERFUL! 3. It IS waterproof (I tested it) which means it will be great for summer and winter wear. I'll never have to worry about raccoon eyes due to rain, again! 4. It really does add a thicker, fuller look to lashes. My eyelashes did NOT look fake (I wouldn't want them to), but with just ONE application it appeared as though I had twice as many lashes as my normal eye. I did a second coat after giving the first about a minute to dry, and they still didn't look fake-- and my lashes were so long they hit my brow area, and my glasses, when I blinked! CONS: 1. The only con I have is that this product is SUPER waterproof. I don't use a lot of makeup removers because my face doesn't handle the oils, and discovered with this product that soap and water does NOT work. It took me a few minutes of warm water and soap to get it off, and even then I couldn't get it all. If you are going to use this product then you will DEFINITELY need to invest in some (good) makeup remover. All things considering, I give this product 5 stars! Its got great color, adds a unique new dimension, is waterproof, and appears to add a whole layer of lashes. I don't mind it didn't readily come off because I know I won't have to worry about the mascara trailing during the day if I sweat, get wet, or it starts to rain. For the $4 that I spent, I definitely plan to stock up and get another. I'd recommend this to ANY person looking for longer, fuller lashes. If it can make a believer out of me, then I am sure it will do wonders for you. :)

by amazonabby >> See more reviews

Doesn't irritate sensitive eyes, doesn't clump, doesn't dry out

I have sensitive eyes so I've tried my fair share of mascaras and eyeliners. I like this one because it doesn't get clumpy but it does enhance my lashes and make them look fuller and longer. I've added some before and after photos of my right eye plus a side by side with my left eye naked and my right eye with only this mascara. I'm an armature when it comes to applying makeup so if I can make it look this good with 4 swipes of the brush just imagine how good you can make it look!!

by The Invisible Pam >> See more reviews


This is a nice mascara but I have to say that it doesn't live up to some of the advertising hype. I bought this for my daughter and tried it myself and you get good coverage, and a nice build up, but you have to do multiple coats in a row, without letting your lashes dry. Two Quick Notes: --As another reviewer noted, this product is very waterproof. My other mascaras I can remove with a mild soap and water. Not so with "Falsies". --I found this product irritated my eyes and I had to discontinue using it. BUT I have to say that I have bad allergies and I'm probably more sensitive to irritants than most people. In fact, I have to use waterproof mascara because even the ultra-tested doctor-recommended eye products irritate my eyes. I only add this warning just in case you are even more sensitive than I. Nice product. My daughter gets good results and the mascara doesn't smudge. Pam T~ mom


As a professional I use this day to day on my clients and myself I love this product waterproof is a must for weddings and events

by toni spencer >> See more reviews

What a great mascara! :3333

I love this mascara, it's great for a formal event because it gives your lashes a beautiful elegant length. I don't suggest this mascara if you use baby wipes as your main makeup removing item, because it causes the mascara to smudge and almost stick to your lower lids! YIKESSS If you are looking for a neutral looking mascara I would recommend One-by-one Volume express by Maybelline and not this mascara because, this one makes your lashes look powerful and bold. I hope this review has helped!

I still don't even believe it's true.

LOVE.THIS.STUFF. Never, ever, ever paying $30 for mascara ever again. This mascara does everything it says it will do - curl, separate, thicken, lengthen...without clumping or flaking. I've been using it for about 2 months now and it's only gotten on my eyelids during application once and that was simply because my 3 yo ran in the bathroom and yelled, "MAMA!" and I startled. :-) Also, the waterproof aspect is unmatched - something I'm always particular about.

I'm so amazed by it!

I have extremely thin and short lashes that are completely straight; they might as well be invisible. After using this product, it looked as if I had long looking lashes. It does what any mascara should do. My lashes looked longer and fuller as if I had any. It's waterproof is it's a bit difficult to take off but nothing a bit of oil can't solve. It amazes me how I actually look as if I had lashes!

by C. Williams >> See more reviews

Pro Makeup Artist in Hollywood recommended

My relative has been the primary make up artist for several major shows on TV for several years, so whenever I see her I always ask what the best new stuff there is out there. I was shocked when out of all the mascara's you could chose from she told me this is the best moderately priced mascara and is the one she uses everyday. Make sure you get the flared one with the wings on the tube. This stuff is amazing, she was right as always. I have not purchased from Amazon yet but will do in the future.

by SusanInSFL >> See more reviews

I've used this for several years and was always happy with the product

However, every one I've gotten through this subscription has lasted no more than a week. It is dry in a week and I never had this problem in the past when I bought elsewhere. I've just cancelled the subscription. I can't understand why this is, unless these items are held by the seller in improper conditions or unless they're past their date. I'll go back to buying at the drug store. I'm adding to the review. I just realized that not only is there a problem with the mascara from this vendor, I've now paid for two tubes, FAR over what I'd pay elsewhere for one FRESH tube. I cannot recommend this 'deal' to anyone.

by Angela Harris >> See more reviews

Probably great for thin or sparse lashes.....

Love the formula--does not smudge or flake AT ALL, which is amazing. I was excited about the bristle brush because they are so hard to find these days and they work better with my thicker lashes. BUT THE ONE THING THAT RUINS IT ALL IS THE FLEXIBLE WAND. I can understand a little flexibility, but this wand is so flexy that it is difficult to get the product on my lashes--almost like the wand is resisting applying anything to my lashes at all, plus it bends so far that I'm pretty sure if I wasn't super careful it would flick and make a mess. If they put a regular wand on this, it would be absolutely perfect! I guess I'll stick with their Lash Sensation for now--another great one that doesn't flake or smudge--but I really do not like the rubbery "bristles". Lash Sensation would be perfect if they just put a bristle brush on it. So many combinations, but they just can't seem to get it right!!!!! Unless they have yet another one that I am unaware of...???