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by Carolyn Gregor >> See more reviews

Awesome seller/ great product!

I saw this lip tar on a YouTube tutorial and wanted to try it out. I was nervous reading the reviews here because they're pretty negative and I had never tried an OCC lip tar before. I have to say, I have nothing but positive things to say about this product. It applies evenly (with the brush) and looks gorgeous. I am obsessed! Also, I was impressed with the speed with which my product arrived... Two days after I ordered! Great experience, I would order again with no hesitation.

First lip tar

This is my first lip tar and I must say that I am NOT impressed. It is very hard to apply and makes my lips very dry. Also I experienced a lot of feathering. I would not recommend this product.

by thinlizzy90 >> See more reviews

not as much "tar" consistency as I anticpated

I recently bought this lip tar at sephora and I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I tried it in store and I was very impressed with the quality of the product. Although it was recommended I get the primer, I decided to just buy the lip tar by itself since I was already happy with the result when I first tried it. But for some reason I feel like the product in the tube I bought was a lot more liquidous and didn't quite have tar quality at all when I tried it in store :/ It has more of a lip gloss feel to it and it doesn't last very long. If anything the intensity just sorta wears off and then my lips just look like I just got done drinking kool-aid. And yes I have tried shaking the tube and kneeding it but it still comes out runny. I figure it may be because the tester tube at sephora was more exposed to the air that it thickened? I'm really not sure. All in all, so far I'm not as impressed with this product as I thought I would be after buying it and that upsets me because I don't like spending a lot of money on something that doesn't live up to its hype.

by jennifer koontz >> See more reviews

didnt like

There is a craze over lip tars, and I thought I'd try one. It went on really thin, and looked horrible. Maybe there is a trick to applying it, I don't know.

Love this color!!!

I LOVE OCC LIP TARS! This color is more gorgeous than I imagined. Fast delivery...great seller. Can't recommend enough. You won't be disappointed. Thanks!

Very pretty color-Black Metal Dahlia

Very pretty color and lasts a long time. Could be drying if your lips aren't well hydrated prior to putting on.

by Tattoogirl68 >> See more reviews

Metal Perfection!!

Ok~~I can be a tad frugal, but I've been eyeing this OCC Black Metal Dahlia liptar for a while and since this color seems to have disappeared I decided to buy it for myself for my is worth EVERY CENT!! It is simply PERFECTION!! It's a flattering color and the sparkle is just right! I found that it went on really easily and stayed put~~test application was without liner or primer/I can only imagine the results with both of those in play~~ I am so I happy I pulled the trigger and bought this!!

by nikole lily >> See more reviews

Super pretty, highly pigmented

Super pretty, highly pigmented. It feathers *so* bad though, like, woah. I never have feathering issues. This immediately starts feathering. It definitely needs to be used with a liner, which fixes the issue. Using a primer underneath it has helped it stay on longer. The taste/scent is a light minty flavor with I really enjoyed. I'm going to be purchasing this in other colors, possibly more natural colors. I can't wait.

by K. Fortune >> See more reviews


I love the color, but I can NOT get it to stay on for long periods of time. I even went out and bought the lip primer by OCC and it doesn't work for me. I'm really sad because I've spent over $100 on lip tar and its not living up to its name.

by Natasha Reid >> See more reviews

Li'l bit goes a long way

Love this company's lip products. A little bit does go a long way using their products. Wasn't aware using first tube and ended up with lip paint in my hair and teeth. Had approx 3 drinks over 3-4 hr period and color was still on my lips without the shine