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by Maria Reier >> See more reviews

Great, easy hair

I love this stuff. I would only recommend this if you have slightly naturally wavy/curly hair. It's the perfect no work styling tool for me. I have a a long, layered bob cut and I spray my hair with this after I wash it, then scrunch with a towel. This really boosts the curl/wave, then when it's dry I fluff it with my fingers and instant style! It works even better the second day on dirty hair, boosts the curl even more. I will say if you cross the line and use too much your hair will pass the beachy stage and look more dirty/messy. So great product but be careful not to use too much.

tacky feel

I search for anything to give my flat, thin hair more volume. This product did give volume, but at the cost of sticky, tacky feeling hair. There are better options out there (like Samy's Fat Hair).

by Catherine >> See more reviews

Beach Waves

Nice smell, and adds texture for beach-like hair! Use it in damp hair, and/or after curling. Makes hair a little dry but worth it overall!

Undesirable Results

This product left my hair VERY tangled and feeling dry. I guess that's beach hair. I've tried it twice now and did not like the results. I color my hair, so maybe that's why it didn't work well for me. My hair is layered and med/long.

by GLEN E MCPHERSON >> See more reviews

Thin to thick hair - instantly

If you have thin hair, then this product is for you. It'll pump those strands right up, and give you a fat, textured and awesome hairdo instantly.

Love this product!

I was a little skeptical about this product based on the reviews, but I did a lot of research on sea salt sprays and decided on this one (as well as a few others) to try. I was very pleased with it! The spray bottle is very concise, delivering little sprays wherever you need it and not all over the counters etc. It has a pleasant enough smell and not too tacky or sticky. It is a hairspray after all, and expected to have some texture and tack, but it's not overly sticky. And it does just what it promises, very slight waves that look like you have just spent the day at the beach or ocean. I do have slightly wavy, but very thick hair. I really loved this product and I would recommend it to anyone trying to achieve the beach waves look for a reasonable price.

by Georgia-Grace >> See more reviews

I have super fine long straight hair

I have super fine long straight hair. This gives me a beachy wave with diffuser. Unfortunately, the waves don't last and by the end of the day my hair is tangled and crunchy. I'm sure it works well on hair with natural curl.

Great but...

The spray comes out very direct so you feel like you have to use a lot more. And it seems not to last as long because of this.

by mechant loup >> See more reviews

great stuff! it really does feel like you were ...

great stuff! it really does feel like you were on the ocean. you spray it, and just a bit please, because it is mega powerful stuff, blow it out, crunch it up, and you have mega texture. you can put it on unwashed hair and it adds a nice amount of volume, so if you are late to class, or just lazy, go for a spritz and move on with your day. be warned, though, that too much can make it too volumized, and you dont want this. try applying it and blowing up, then down in a circular fashion. this will give you lift, movement, but you wont finish on an upstream of mega air, which will just make you appear like you went through a wind storm. the one negative is that it's very much like you just went to the beach, so your hair will have a bit of that salt feeling. Matte finish. texture. good hold. 30 year old male. 2/2.5 length hair.

good product

i found this from TW's tv shows, and it does work very well, love the product. easy for changing styles of my hair.