Volume Mascara Zero Clumps Clean Definition
Feature: Volume Mascara Zero Clumps Clean Definition
Manufacturer: Maybelline


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I used this mascara years ago but at that time my lashes were a bit shorter (poor habits like wearing mascara to sleep). Because my lashes were shorter, I'd found this brush to be difficult, as it's stiff and rubbery and I felt I needed to get "under the eyelash" to begin the stroke, which frankly, would hurt. Fast Forward--I've now got my lashes really healthy and long, but until recently, had forgotten about this mascara. Again, I have long lashes now, but they're fair. Anyway, I saw the good price and I decided to give it a try. Can I just tell you....this stuff is awesome. The brush is odd, but that's the point of it....it allows for a seamless stroke without clumping, and the lashes go on long and smooth. So pretty for anyone with a mid to long lash. Maybe even short (it's just that my experience wasn't the best) One thing I'd recommend, give yourself 2 uninterrupted minutes to put it on....WITH a lash brush or clean toothbrush for quick smoothing or light detangling. The reason being, this stuff is so waterproof that it dries FAST. However, it seriously is gorgeous, and totally worth it. The brush itself is fairly perfect for not leaving clumps, but sometimes it's nice to have that spare utensil (with no mascara on it) to aid the process. 1 or 2 quick layers for a long, natural look, or 2 to 4 for outrageous eyes.

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Great Mascara

Proved to be accurate for me - Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Waterproof is a zero clump mascara that creates voluptuous volume with clean definition. It comes with a patented shaped-to-the-lash brush. Have to use eye make-up remover to clean off.

Waterproof, adds Volume, and doesn't Clump

I am very pleased and stunned that this works so well. I did some research and discovered a site where they had tested waterproof makeup and this product did very well. It is a good product especially for the price.

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Definitely worth the price!

A very good value. The thing I like best about this product is that it does not irritate my eyes. I find that it works best if you put on several layers waiting about a minute between each layer. It goes on smoothly and does not clump.


If you can apply this right it looks great, but it can clump very easily. For the most part tho I would say it makes your lashes look nice but I will no longer be using this because I cannot wash it off! Yes, love it for the fact that its definitely waterproof but too waterproof. I cannot even remove it with my coconut oil. I don't want to be washing my face for 20-30 minutes every night just to attempt at getting it off. If I need something I can depend on not coming back off I will use this again but in the meantime I'll stick with my normal mascara.

OK for a mascara

I am desperately trying to find a mascara that doesn't clump or bend my eyelashes forward, since the one I used for years was discontinued many ions ago. This mascara is acceptable.

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Glad to find my color

This is an excellent product, but for some unknown reason, Maybelline has decided to discontinue the color "Brownish-Black". Not everyone can use black-as-soot mascara! I am an older woman, fair-skinned with light eyelashes and brows, basically blond. I would look like a tramp in jet-black mascara or at least come across as trying to look like my 19 year old granddaughter. Please tell Maybelline to give some thought to people older than 25, also those who are light-skinned, but who still want to look their best!


Clumpy from the first application.. when I got the clumps out, it was thick and sticky.. made my eye lashes actually look shorter than they were because I couldn't curl them well with this thick goop on them. It was also hard to wash off, leaving heavy black smudges until using eye makeup remover pads. Perhaps I got a bad batch.

Wonderful Mascara

The think design of the wand makes it easier for me to apply mascara. The product doesn't clump and goes on smoothly. ...makes me look like I have had professional lashes applied. Nice!

by DLS Jones >> See more reviews

A great mascara.

This is the best mascara ever. I've been using it for many years and it's been discontinued so I'm glad to find it on Amazon. It's only recently been taken off the shelves so this pack ought to be fresh enough. What's so great about this mascara is the brush. It allows me to get to every single lash, without clumps. It also takes a few seconds to dry so a second coat, without clumps, is easily done, something that often is not possible with other waterproof formulas because they dry too quickly. And this formula is definitely waterproof. My eyes sometimes tear up for no reason and this mascara never, ever runs. It's a mystery to me why they took this off the market. It is the perfect mascara. I guess I'll have to hunt for new favorite eventually. For now, I'm glad to find this on Amazon and at a decent price. I highly recommend this product.