New, Volumizing Zero-Clump Mascara
Definition + Volume
Shaped-to-the-lash volumizing brush
Zero clumps
Clean definition
Voluptous volume
Opthalmologist tested
Contact lens safe
Revolutionary wiper delivers the perfect amount of formula to each bristle for zero clumps.
Made in U.S.A.
Manufacturer: Maybelline
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the good and bad

The formula is really the best in non clumping mascaras out there, havent found one better. It is very liquidy and it applys easily to lashes and leaves them with a nice shiny finish. It also has a great effect at lengthening (not nearly the best out there though). My first complaint is that the brush it comes with, although good for a bit of volume, not good for seperating the lashes. I have thin lashes and the brush causes my lashes to look even thinner(picture spider legs almost, thats what i think off). When I tried to go through my lashes with a lash comb, they dont seperate completley, the mascara causes the lashes to clump together weird. Ive tried different methods without a comb to avoid the clumping including adding more coats of the mascara (or coats of other mascaras) and the first couple coats of the define a lash look like one coat and then after that it gets messy(unnatractive spikes). I did not notice a difference in effect when using other mascaras on top, seemed like a waste of time applying and waiting for it to dry to add a coat of something else. Also, my lashes dont have much of a natural curl so I use a metal eye lash curler that i heat up for about 5 seconds with my hairdryer before I apply my mascara. This mascara(even the waterproof formula)will not hold my curl, making that step innafective as well. I even tried curling after applying and giving it time to dry and that left me with a mess of weird clumped and crimped spikes. That all being said, if you have thick, short/long(any length really)and curly lashes, this will most likely be the best mascara you've ever used. But for thin lashes that need help holding a curl, stay away. All in all, it wasnt a waste of money for me because I now use it religiously on my bottom lashes. The brush shape is great for applying it to the smaller lashes, either with just the tip or with the whole brush. And the formula really makes my small, usually unnoticable bottom lashes look so long. The fact that it is liquidy helps when cleaning up marks off my face, just use a wet q tip and get it off before it dries. I love the water proof because it never smudges, even when I forget and wipe under my eye. Then it washes off easily with some soap and water.

by Single Mom Smarts >> See more reviews


I'm a mascara department store addict. I was using DiorShow (which I still prefer) but it's not really in my budget these days. This is an awesome option. It defines, seperates and adds definition. Cons: It can go on a little wet. Also, I know it's a not waterproof, but I always like a tad of water resistance so it doesn't smudge or run if you tear up. Overall, totally worth it if you are looking for a bargain.

by Helen Holman >> See more reviews

Weak mascara wand

I ordered 3 mascaras. The first one broke after the first week, with daily use. I've started the second one and already the wand feels as though it may break. I've used this brand of mascara for years and never had this problem. Shipping was within a reasonable time.


Never tried this before and was nervous because I'm picky with mascara, but this make my lashes look amazing! Super black and make them look HUGE. I'm happy with my purchase and will buy again.

Probably my favorite mascara

This is definitely a lengthening mascara in my opinion, though it does provide decent volume. The high points of this product, in my opinion, are: it does not clump, it does not flake, it does not smudge, and it provides great length and separation. It's a great mascara! If you want dramatic volume, you'll either have to build it up a bit or opt for a different mascara. I love this one for everyday use. It's dependable and not clumpy or spidery. It's pretty great. Obviously, everyone has preferences and I realize some people will want something more bold but for a well put together, daytime mascara, you can't beat this.

by College Girl 12 >> See more reviews

New Favorite Mascara!

This is my go to mascara for everyday wear! I purchased this in Brownish Black for a more subtle look. This is not a thick mascara (I only use one coat) which makes it very natural looking. I use this with Maybelline Bronze Gleam Eyeliner and it creates a very natural everyday look. I love the brush and it really works well for coating the lower lashes. It takes a minute to dry, but it never has bothered me. It comes off easily with face wash.

I beliebe this to be very old, but fast shipping

This mascara does lift and thicken the lashes, but they droop very quickly. Also, mine smells terrible and the packaging of the mascara was awful. This must be very old because I've only ever had a mascara smelling like this and it was almost a year old. The only nice thing about my orders was the shipping speed which was very fast. If you want a nice colonizing mascara, try loreal voluminous. I'm very disappointed in this item.

I've had this 5 months & its still working great. Pleased with this

Long lasting mascara.... I've had this 5 months & its still working great. Pleased with this. My eyes get irritated from several other mascaras that I've tried. But not this one.... no chunks & clumps..... this goes on smooth. It does take several eye make up remover pads to remove the mascara.... I recommend coconut oil to take this off with.... works a lot better with this particular mascara :)

by Vanity VonSyn >> See more reviews


I needed some mascara so I ordered this one. It's just mascara. Plain and simple. I have yet to find a mascara that actually does what it is advertised to do. With that being said, my expectations for this mascara were pretty low. It doesn't perform any miracles or make you look like you have a bazillion lashes (unless, of course, you actually do). I still have to comb through my eyelashes after applying the mascara, just the same as I have to with any other brand that I have used. It doesn't make the gaps go away (that's what the combing is for). The brush does not "separate every lash". In fact, it actually causes mine to stick together. And yes, if you apply it too thickly, you will look like Raggedy Ann. But this can be said for all mascaras. I have long eyelashes and my eyelashes are a pain in my backside. I have a really annoying problem with gaps in my lashes. I don't know why, but they seem to grow crooked and this causes gaps (I've been seriously tempted more than once to pluck every one of them out and wear false lashes until my real ones grow back). It makes my eyelashes look like chunks of them are missing and I hate it. I have yet to find anything that can actually fix this. Because the applicator with the mascara makes my eyelashes stick together, this doesn't help with the gaps, so I have to comb through them right after applying the mascara before it dries. It takes me forever to get my eyelashes to look even halfway decent and I haven't found a mascara yet that actually helps. They all seem to do the same thing. But like I said, it's just mascara; plain and simple. I have not noticed it smudging (but I don't rub my eyes until I've washed it off) and I can even take a nap and wake up without having "raccoon eyes". I wear contact lenses and I also seem to have somewhat sensitive eyes. They give me problems from time to time burning, watering and itching. So far, I haven't had any issues with using this mascara. I looked at MANY different mascaras before I finally ordered this one, mostly because I was tired of looking and every review seemed to be the same no matter what brand I was looking at. They all say "this is the BEST mascara EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as if some childish teenager wrote the review. Then there's one or two more mature reviews thrown in there that completely contradict the previous childish one. "This is the worst mascara I have ever used." It's just mascara. It doesn't perform miracles. It just makes your already present eyelashes more visible, just like any other mascara. If you're going to buy mascara, just buy one. My experience is that it doesn't seem to matter what brand you buy, they all seem to do exactly the same thing regardless of what is advertised or how much it costs.

by Laura fierro >> See more reviews

Best mascara ever!!!

I love it, for me is really hard to find the right mascara, cuz the most important part of my makeup are my eyelashes, and when I found this one I just fall in love, don't even think on trying a different one, and the price it's just amazing.