RAW IVORY SHEA BUTTER 10LBS BULK WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTORS!!! MANY SAY THAT BUT WE CAN PROVE IT!!! WE HAVE FRESH SHEA BUTTER RAW UNFILTERED. IT COMES LIKE PHOTO SHOWN!! IT WILL BE IN A PLASTIC BAG OR CUT UP IN CHUNKS, OR GOURD, BUT WE KNOW YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY YOU WILL LOVE OUR SHEA BUTTER, NOTHING ADDED TO IT WE DO NOT ANYTHING TO OUR SHEA BUTTER, WE SHIP ASAP!!!. WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTERS HERE IF YOUR NOT HAPPY PLEASE CONTACT US, PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS SHIPMENT WILL REQUIRE A SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE CONTACT US African Shea Butter 5LBS Organic RAW Unrefined 100% PURE COLOR Varies From: Yellow / Bright Yellow / Ivory / Light Yellow 1600 oz / 10 pounds / 10 Lbs / 4.52 kilograms (Kg) 100% GUARANTEED Natural Please note: To provide you with the LOWEST PRICE, we are having to pack this item in a poly bag / Brown Box. (Gourd for display only) NOTE: * We pack UNFILTERED Shea butter directly from their NATURAL GOURD they come in. Please do not expect filtered or artificially processed butter. * Due to temperature, upon receipt of shipment, you might find the Shea butter soft or somewhat melted. This is absolutely NATURAL!!!
Manufacturer: smellgood
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Very, Very, Very Pleased!

I ordered 40 lbs. of the Ivory Shea Butter, which I just received. I went through the bags thoroughly, and I am very happy with my purchase. This company had some negative reviews which I didn't see until after I placed my order, but I chose to believe the statement on their website of: "A satisfied customer is a repeat customer, and we want you choosing us first whenever our products can meet your needs. If ever you have a question or concern about doing business with us, you can use the information on our Contact Us page to reach us. You can be sure we’ll do everything we can to address your concerns in a courteous way. We’re not happy until you’re happy. At smellgood, you get the products you want and service with a smile. So please check back with us often, as our style an selections are updated often." I find this statement of smellgood to be true when it comes to my order. I have also purchased shea butter from another company on Amazon (Aurora International) and as far as I am concerned, they both deserve 5 stars. I would definitely recommend smellgood and Aurora. I love supporting small businesses and they both have earned my trust and satisfaction as a new and now a repeat customer.

best shea butter

this is my second order from atl and i'm very pleased the texture is smooth and creamy i used it rite away the amount was great for the price i paid i will definitely be re-ordering in the future the whole family uses ivory shea butter(wish i came across this years ago) initially got it for my sons eczema and his skin is looking better and better this combined with african black soap(dudu osun) and castor oil seams to work wonders

Truly Top Grade Unrefined Shea Butter

This product is absolutely Amazing!!! It is indeed 100 % Top Grade Raw Unrefined Shea Butter. I've used other brands in the past and this one is Number 1 on my list. I started purchasing this Shea Butter 2 years ago. I needed an all-natural Shea Butter to use for my Hair and Skin product line. I was very pleased with the fast shipping of my order and even more pleased with the quality of the product. The Shea Butter is soft and easy to work with. It blends well with other essential oils I use. My products have a nice, even, creamy texture that I just couldn't obtain using other brands of Raw Shea. Other brands required me to use mass amounts of essential oils to try to obtain the texture I get with this Shea and it never really hit the mark. With this Shea, I use very minimal amounts of essential oils to obtain the creamy texture I desire for my products. This Shea is very easy to apply to your hair and skin. Your hair isn’t weighed down; but instead, full of body and life. The natural smell of Shea butter can be a bit offensive for some, though the aroma vanishes once it has been applied to your skin within minutes. You can also try using all natural oils such as Peppermint, Lemon, Etc. to hold it at bay. The folks at Smell Good are also very professional. I contacted them once because my package took longer than usual to arrive. Within 1 business day, Smell Good resolved the matter by contacting my local post office and obtaining the information I needed to pick up my package. Another time I noticed a gritty texture and thought Smell Good had sent me a bad batch of Shea. I was upset because I had to refund one of my customers because they claimed they found salt in the product. I immediately contacted Smell Good and complained. While I awaited a response, I researched and found hundreds of blogs on this issue. I found that in warmer climates or during periods of high temperatures the product may become grainy. Smell Good replied with the same information and eased my mind. In my profession it is very important to have a quality product but it is equally important to do business with a professional company. I appreciate Smell Good for providing both.


I read reviews before I purchased this and of course I seen the negative ones but thought well there's only a few maybe they got a bad batch or aren't familiar with shea butter, Wrong! I wish I would have listened, Its awful. Trust me I have experience with shea butter and make numerous body products with it. The review that said its mixed with something else is absolutely true. Shea butter is soft and melts easily when you rub it on your skin. This does not! there's some form of hard substance mixed in with it. You can see it plain as day. Its a lighter color and it crumbles when you try to rub it on your skin. Worst I have ever seen. PLEASE BEWARE this seller is definitely ripping you off. Total scam. I wish I wouldn't have been so cheap and just spent the extra $ to get the stuff off ebay like I always have.

Rich and Creamy, Faint smell

Product is nice and creamy. Nice color and consistency. Would have given 5 star rating but packaging needs to be improved.

Excellent Buy for the whole family!

Great price and quality! This is the 3rd box we have purchased use it liberally. Natural healing and lubrication plus no stains on clothes.

One Star

The product does not match the displayed image


I was hesitant to buy such a large quantity unfiltered but I have gone through my 10lb order and there was no debris of any sort in it and it was of excellent quality! You can tell it's kept so fresh. I guess some people have to get used to the smell but I absolutely love it. Will be purchasing again!!!

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Had a weird smell. I am aware of the ...

Had a weird smell. I am aware of the natural smell that shea gives off this smell was not the same. I use shea butter for my business i had to throw the whole batch out.

Five Stars

Deserves 20 stars!!!