• Wraps
  • Thickens
  • Lengthens

Lash-Wrapping Brush and Expansion Formula wraps each lash for thicker, longer lashes!

No Clumps or Globs

Lash Expansion™ Mascara - all around coverage for dimensional lash volume and length.  A captivating expanse of lashes!

  • Patented formula builds volume all around for a thicker, longer lash look without any clumps or globs.
  • Patent pending Lash-Wrapping Brush gently coats all around lashes for maximum thickness, length and separation.
  • Doesn't flake or smudge.

Made in USA

Manufacturer: Maybelline
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Best Mascara EVER!!!!

I hate that Maybelline discontinued this product. It is the best I have ever used. It has the best brush that gets to every lash, it doesn't sting when eyes are wet, and like the last reviewer said it makes you have bedroom eyes.. who doesnt want that. My hubby has given me compliments on my eyes ever since I started using it a year ago. The "Volume Express" I think they replaced it with is no where near as good and the brush it's too thin. Please Maybelline bring it back!!!! I have bought myself a few bottles but I might go and get more since its no longer available...:o(

by Stacy Medina >> See more reviews


I was distraught when I was no longer able to find this product in our area (Lakewood, WA.) I was delighted to see that not only did Amazon have it, it was dirt cheap! I rushed in and bought 4 just to be assured I'd have a few in reserve. I am now chewing my nails off, trying to decide to buy all this particular seller had. This mascara is thicker with a perfect wand. Since I like dramatic lashes, this applies a nice smooth, yet thick consistency that I adore. If you like the a-natural, sheer look, I recommend Stilletto, but if bedroom eyes are your deal, then this is a wonderful product. Im off to buy more....

by K. Hilliard >> See more reviews

LOVE it, have used for years but now it's GONE! :(

I have used this mascara for years and have always had great long thick dark lashes because of it.. I HATE that Maybelline quit making it. I had stock piled about 8 tubes but am now on my last tube. I will not pay $15 for it (here on Amazon) but I wish Maybelline would bring this back.. The only one I ever found that halfway compared was Sky High Curves, but they have now discontinued that too! Why oh why... My search for mascara continues but is getting expensive. Has anyone found a mascara that compares to Lash expansion? Please let me know.

by Pamela Lambeth >> See more reviews

Off the shelves

I have used this mascara for several years and LOVE it. I wear contacts and it does irritate my eyes,it never flakes off, and it wears really well on your eyelashes. Several months back I realized I could not find it on the shelves in the stores. I finally gave up looking and decided to go on line. Thanks to Amazon I am once again able to use my FAVORITE mascara. Thank you, Amazon.

Easy on the eyes.

Non irritating, and created lots of volume. However, my short lashes need more length than volume. I purchased quite a few of them on Amazon since they were fairly inexpensive. I used two, and gave the rest away to friends who wanted the volume.

by Myrna Craney >> See more reviews


Thu=is is better than any other mascara I have tried. But it does clump.