OPI Couture De Minnie Collection -"Magazine Cover Mouse" -Nothing completes a look more beautifully than nails wearing the season's most significant colors. Changing a Nail Lacquer shade can change a woman's entire look - and her outlook. With over 200 shades, you are sure to find what you're looking for.
Manufacturer: OPI
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by shopaholic mom >> See more reviews

Beautiful polish

I love this nail polish. It is a lovely shade of red that is loaded with flecks of gold micro glitter and sand texture. The effect is absolutely amazing. It sparkles like crazy in the light and the sand texture finish is so unique. It only takes two coats to look flawless. I find that it applies easily and dries very quickly. The best part is that this is a thick, dense polish with loads of texture. I have tried other textured polishes and they just cannot hold a candle to these OPI liquid sand polishes. It also lasts for days (in this instance at least four) before you see any wearing down of the polish or chipping. It is also easy to remove with regular nail polish. The only thing I do notice is that the little specks of glitter tend to stick to my skin all around my nails when I remove it. I have had numerous comments from other women saying how amazing this polish looks and asking me what it is and where to get it. I am sad that this is a limited edition color because I really do love it. I will have to hoard a few bottles away for when they no longer make it.


This nail polish makes self manicures a breeze! The texture is forgiving and durable! Comes off easily with nail polish remover. So you don't struggle for an hour and use half a bottle of acetone to remove this product! Not to mention the results are unique! Really looks like sand! I must note however, you lose that rough sandy texture somewhat when applying a clear top coat. Very satisfied!

'Elsa Blue'

Of typical high quality I've come to expect of OPI. I purchased this color for 'mother - daughter' nail painting fun for my daughter's Elsa Halloween costume last year. Since it is such a nice color, we continue to use throughout the year (and of course it doesn't hurt that it is 'Elsa color').

Love this color of nail polish from Opi!

This brand of nail polish lasts longer than any other brand - so it's the only brand I use anymore. The color options are endless - seems like hundreds of colors to choose from. And thanks to Amazon, I can get most of them at good prices with fast delivery. Thanks to Opi and Amazon!

Love it to pices!

I love this nail polish and love how it goes on. My sister got it and it looked so cool on here and had to get it. This was not a bad price for this either. I would never get nail polish over amazon but I could not find this anywhere and had to get it. <3 <3

love tiffany case!

On a rainy day while on vacation I got a manicure and fell in love with Tiffany Case by OPI. Little did I know, this color was impossible to find at any local salon. I couldn't be more happy!

So pretty, not greenish at all.

Beautiful light blue "sand" textured polish. I think it's far prettier on than in the bottle. The picture here is much greener than the actual polish which is a pretty baby blue.

by Louise Fairbotham >> See more reviews

OPI San Francisco Nail Lacquer Collection, It's All San Andreas's Fault

The color was darker than I thought by the picture. I was pleased with the sand coating as I have a nail that splits a lot and that helped.

Very pretty color but it does not have a smooth surface.

This nail polish is a very pretty color. But the texture is rough and bumpy. It is a little annoying not as shiney as I like.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Like the color

Like the color, but not a fan of the texture. It was a lot rougher than I expected it to be.