Oxygen puractive plus mild cleansing gel is a gentle fragrance and alcohol free foaming gel that thoroughly removes excess sebum, all traces of dirt and makeup, without drying the skin. Its formula makes it an effective eye makeup remover. Formulated with an oxygen complex, seven plant extracts, chlorophyll and 100% natural ingredients, this cleanser detoxifies and tightens pores. Regular use leaves the skin feeling refreshed, clear and hydrated, as it respects the skin's physiological PH. The clean aroma of this cleanser makes it ideal for men and women. Oxygen puractive plus mild cleansing gel is especially formulated for normal to oily skin, and is suitable for sensitive skin. Professional size. Surface cleansers and make up removers. Oxygen puractive plus mild cleansing.
Manufacturer: G.M. Collin
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by Marvin Nash >> See more reviews

I'm kind of shocked by how much I love this. I'm 35

I'm kind of shocked by how much I love this. I'm 35, and was given a gift certificate for a spa ages ago. Finally turned it in, and the woman doing the facial I signed up for was chatting with me about skin care. I've been using Dial soap and Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash for the last several years. I'm NOT a beauty girl- I don't wear makeup normally, I wear moisturizer with a slight tint and SPF in it. Nothing major. I don't have horrible breakouts, but DO occasionally break out during that time of the month. Well, this was mainly suggested to help shrink my pores. I figured, what the heck, I've got a gift certificate, may as well. After literally one wash I felt a difference (just somehow cleaner). After four days, I can say my pores look shrunk to the point of almost-invisible. My skin looks brighter, better, and feels significantly softer. I'm kind of pissed, because now I am going to have to give up my dial and cheap stuff for this- but with one pump being sufficient per cleansing, I think this bottle WILL last a while, so even though it's expensive (at least by my taste), it DOES work, and my skin looks good. I will say that in the first few days, I noticed I broke out along my jaw line- but after four days, I'm wondering if that was my skin working out some stuff from the facial, because it's all gone and I look "glowing". I DO feel like at times, my skin is a little dry, but I use moisturizer once a day, and that solves that issue (and it's winter and was in the single digits today). Overall, REALLY impressed by this product. I'll update if anything changes, but seriously, and I feel somewhat ridiculous saying this, WOW.

love this face wash

This product makes my skin feel so clean and healthy. I prefer the cleansing gel over the cleansing milk because it foams up - I don't think it makes my skin dry in the winter months at all which is why I used to use the cleansing milk in the winter. Buying this size is definitely a deal!

by s15silviaboi >> See more reviews

Great Cleanser!

If you are on a acne treatment plan like I am this is perfect. I use this,G.m Collin Acne Complex with Essential Oils ,and PURACNE Oxygen Gel. This is the best combo I have used so far and has since clear out most of my acne.

by Olga Maritza Koeppen >> See more reviews

Love this Cleanser

I really love this cleanser. It's exactly what I was looking for. It's light weight, but I still feel clean and smooth afterwards.

by PING CHOU >> See more reviews

very good

Purchase for my kid, she is teen and sensitive skin, I found this is good cleansing for sensitive skin too.

great product

great product and will buy again. highly recommended.