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Awesome Toothbrushes

I've been looking for a super soft toothbrush that's not abrasive on my gums and this is it! So many toothbrushes that are "soft" start that way, but the bristles quickly harden with use. These bristles stay soft and they don't scratch up my gums. The arch of the toothbrush also makes brushing easy, especially in the way back. The price was right and the colors are pretty too!

Best toothbrush ever made!

I've used every brand of toothbrush and this one is outstanding! It is difficult to find an ultra-soft toothbrush for adults, so I was delighted to discover this one. The curve of the handle is ergonomic, the bristles are comfortable but effective, and the fact that it is made from recycled materials (and that they encourage users to send old products back for further recycling) is even better! Forget all the others---buy these toothbrushes.

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Great toothbrushes!

These toothbrushes are great quality and ultrasoft for the person who has a tendancy to brush too hard. I like them better than any you find in the stores.

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Best toothbrush I've ever used

I never thought I'd be writing a review for a toothbrush. But here I go anyway. So this really is the best brush I've ever used. I personally tend to look at brushing my teeth as a bit of a chore. It's quite tedious and repetitive. It's still repetitive, but what this toothbrush does to make it so nice is how soft and gentle it is, yet you still feel like you're getting everything clean. You know your gums don't get beaten, but still get strengthened by the action of brushing. The extreme bend on the actual brush also makes it easy to get behind and reach.

Good for your teeth, good for the environment!

When I first saw these toothbrushes, I thought, What a great idea! Recycled plastic, teaming up with another Enviro-friendly company (Stoneybrook, to recycle their yogurt containers) and the best thing is that they provide packaging to send back the toothbrushes to be recycled when you are done! So I thought I'd try them. I need soft toothbrushes anyway, and I found these to be very soft, comfortable on my teeth and to hold the brush, and the bristles have held up great over 3months. Since it is recommended to throw away toothbrushes and use a new one every 4-6 months (because of germs and bristles start to fray), you can feel better about wasting toothbrushes since these can just be recycled! Anything small we can do to treat the planet better is a great idea and this is a real winner. Plus, Amazon makes it even easier by saving some "green" in our wallets, offering lower prices for buying in bulk, and then an extra 15% if you use "Subscribe and Save"! Update - still using over a year later and I am still happy with these brushes! I now use the Kids version for my kids and they love them!! Update #2 1/16/2011: You can conveniently recycle your old Preserve toothbrushes in the "Gimme 5" bins at your local Whole Foods! "Other options to recycle your Preserve Toothbrush(from the Preserve Website): - When you buy your next toothbrush, simply use the package it comes in as the return mailer for the toothbrush you're ready to retire. The Mail Back Pack is available at Whole Foods, Target and increasingly in many other locations. - Pop it in a Postage Paid Mailer available at Trader Joe's and many coops and natural food stores. - Recycle it in our Preserve Gimme 5 bins (along with all other Preserve products). go to [...] for a list of locations. [...]

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nice idea, but does not work well for me

I had been using the only other extra soft bristle brush out there, when I visited Amazon to find them online, because they are not always available in stores. I saw the Preserve toothbrushes and thought I'd try them since they offer the benefit of recycling. First, let me say that I have extremely sensitive teeth, I brush slowly, about 4 to 5 minutes, using the "wiggle" technique my dentist advised: hold the brush gently between the thumb and pointer fingers, like a pencil, no pressure, and wiggle the bristles in a downward motion. I replace my brush each month to avoid stiff bristles. The Preserve bristles are soft, the handle is smooth and I like the angle, but the bristles began bending within two weeks, so the supply I bought to last 6 months lasted half that. Also, the bristles didn't make my teeth feel clean, so I had to brush them twice, owing for a rediculous amount of time in the bathroom just brushing my teeth. Also the bristles are basically flat, which didn't give me the feeling that they were cleaning along the gumline, unless I were to push harder, which, with my sensitive teeth, I was loathe to do. Luckily, both extra soft toothbrush brands are available on Subscribe and Save, so I will be switching my subscription. Preserve is not a poor toothbrush, it just doesn't work for me.


I tend to brush hard, but even light brushing with soft toothbrushes irritates my gums. Preserve ultra soft is exceptionally soft and doesn't feel like sandpaper like so many so-called "soft" brushes. This is the first TRULY SOFT brush that I have ever experienced. Instead of feeling pain, my mouth feels clean and massaged. It's also great that the eco-friendly brushes are latex-free!

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Love these toothbrushes, are the best!

I am soooo pleased with these-the best toothbrushes I have ever come across, They're perfect, Everything about them is so well planned. The handle, the angle, the softness of the brushes, I love these, am paranoid that the next time I'm due to reorder them, Amazon won't carry them again,,,,,,,PLUS, they're recyclable,, The best!

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Finally a decent & really extra soft toothbrush!

I suffer from toothbrush abrasion (brush too hard/fast, & over the years my tooth enamel has worn away to expose sensitive roots). I use sensitive toothpaste daily, but require the softest bristles to prevent worse erosion (enamel will never return). My dentist didn't have EXTRA soft. Oral B stopped selling their standard extra soft toothbrush & Colgate's "sensitive" came with "tongue cleaner" which felt terrible in my mouth. In the stores, my only remaining options were tiny kiddie toothbrushes (yes, I considered it) or spending a lot of money to see if electric might work better & if if I liked it. Before taking either of those options, I searched the Internet & Amazon with this product came to the rescue. I bought these after reading the other reviews. I like these...really, really like these! They have wonderfully soft...EXTRA soft bristles. Package says invented by dentists, handle is recycle material, bristles all new materials (not recycled), & brush curve is for hard to reach areas.

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as per other reviews

ultra-soft bristles are no exaggeration, yet they clean teeth/remove plaque just as well as other soft/medium bristled brushes i've used. makes for easy reach back teeth. recommended!