Absorption: Absorbs easily into the skin. * Aromatic Aroma: Grapeseed oil is aromaless. * Consistency: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils. * Extraction Method: Cold Pressed * Color: Light green to yellow green * Shelf Life: Shelf life of 6 months to 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.
Manufacturer: Edens Garden
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by Donna C. Gallen >> See more reviews

Grapeseed 100% Pure Carrier/Base Oil

I purchased this product along with the 14 piece Beginner Essential Oil Kit. The product is exactly as described and shipping was fast. This is a great base oil to use for creating aromatherapy massage oils. It is lite and absorbes well into the skin. Some of the other base oils do not. I recommend purchasing this to use with any of the essential oils.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

and many are under the impression that you can only get the best by joining an MLM

These oils by Eden's Garden are not the least bit inferior to doTerra, Melaleuca, or Young Living. I say this because for most essential oil users, quality and purity is a concern, and many are under the impression that you can only get the best by joining an MLM. Many of the praises for Eden’s Garden come from current and / or former DT, Melaleuca, and YL customers. We have also used virtually every MLM essential oil brand known to man, and this is right up there with the best of them in quality and purity, at a fraction of the price. The reason it is a fraction of the price is because it does not have about 3 to 5 levels of compensations for its representatives built into the margins, which drastically reduces the overhead. That is why many former MLM essential oil distributors who still want to use a great product yet can’t afford the network marketing prices and aren’t making any money with them have tried and like Eden’s Garden. From my experience, and countless other essential oil enthusiasts who have also used doTerra, YL, and Melaleuca, there is no difference in quality, purity or smell with Eden’s Garden. If you are one of the 1 - 5% making great money with an MLM, more power to you! But for everyone else, this oil matches up well with the best of them.

by Carolyn M. Brewster >> See more reviews

Grapeseed Carrier Oil

I bought this product to mix with some essential oils for hair loss and the combination of the essential oils with this grapeseed carrier oil seem to be working.

by Jill Baggett >> See more reviews

Good purchase

Great buy, fast shipment. Good quality but would prefer a different dropper, it seems to pour rather than drop, but I will purchase again.

by Bullwinkle >> See more reviews


Just got this and have been using it for a carrier oil. Never thought I would be using grapeseed oil on my face? I use it with Edens age defying oil. Which I got at the same time. Also at that time I got a horrible sunburn on my face (thought it was going to rain). It worked great on. I have a new appreciation for eo's

by Heather A >> See more reviews

Great carrier oil!

I use this to mix with various oils before I use them on us externally, like the four thieves blend. It feels good, rubs in great, and I just love this. Another great product from Eden's Garden!

by Robert Winter >> See more reviews

Great Carrier Oil, great company

I love this product, in fact I may need to order more! Superior quality from a superior company! I always trust Eden's Garden for my essential oil, and carrier oil needs!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Edens Garden is a wonderful company with high quality products at an affordable price

Edens Garden is a wonderful company with high quality products at an affordable price! I am very happy with each order I have placed!

Good Deal

Good deal eveything I asked for. It is just what was needed. a A A A A A A A

This oil is actually a bit heavy - I read ...

This oil is actually a bit heavy - I read reviews that grapeseed oil was actually a bit lighter and more drying than jojoba or almond oil. However, grapeseed oil is renowned for being non irritating to sensitive skin.