Absorption: Absorbs easily into the skin. * Aromatic Aroma: Has very little aroma characteristic of most carrier oils. * Consistency: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils. * Extraction Method: Cold Pressed * Color: Pale yellow to golden yellow * Shelf Life: Shelf life of 6 months to 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.
Manufacturer: Edens Garden
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by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

and many are under the impression that you can only get the best by joining an MLM

These oils by Eden's Garden are not the least bit inferior to doTerra, Melaleuca, or Young Living. I say this because for most essential oil users, quality and purity is a concern, and many are under the impression that you can only get the best by joining an MLM. Many of the praises for Eden’s Garden come from current and / or former DT, Melaleuca, and YL customers. We have also used virtually every MLM essential oil brand known to man, and this is right up there with the best of them in quality and purity, at a fraction of the price. The reason it is a fraction of the price is because it does not have about 3 to 5 levels of compensations for its representatives built into the margins, which drastically reduces the overhead. That is why many former MLM essential oil distributors who still want to use a great product yet can’t afford the network marketing prices and aren’t making any money with them have tried and like Eden’s Garden. From my experience, and countless other essential oil enthusiasts who have also used doTerra, YL, and Melaleuca, there is no difference in quality, purity or smell with Eden’s Garden. If you are one of the 1 - 5% making great money with an MLM, more power to you! But for everyone else, this oil matches up well with the best of them.

New to Oils

I'm new to oils and read this was a good carrier oil I could use on my face (dry skin). I've ordered from this company and they seem really great. The oils seem to be a good quality, they arrive fast, and they are priced right. This is a good starting point for newbies like me.

by Cheri in Mississippi >> See more reviews

Perfect carrier oil.

Came yesterday and used last night with Stress Ease essential oil at bedtime. It has no scent so it will not interfere with the essential oils you are blending with. I ordered this because it doesn't have an oily feel to it. This or the Hazelnut oil make perfect carriers for my oils. I am pleased with all the products from Eden's Garden. Thank you so much. The little book explaining all the oils, blends and carrier oils and the description and purpose of each was amazing. It is like a great gift within it's self. So much so I ordered more only yesterday.

Works Great for Face or Carrier Oil

So far, I have used this as both my nightly lotion, instead of the age defying products from other companies, as well as a carrier oil for other oils. I have not had a problem with it irritating or making me break out (which with my finicky skin, this is always a possibility). It seems to moisturize better than any other actual facial moisturizing lotion I have ever used, so I am happy.

by juliana hutchins kyer >> See more reviews

Good stuff

My only complaint is the dropper thing. It comes out fast and gets all over. Cant just drip it and cant pour it in a clean stream. Cant get the dripper thing off either. I had to chang out the bottle.

by JoJo James >> See more reviews

I love Apricot Kernel

I love Apricot Kernel. It feels so good on my skin especially mixed with carrot oil. E G is one of my top 3 favorite essential oil sellers. The always deliver promptly and have good products.

by Paulette Susan >> See more reviews


Wow, this carrier oil is amazing! It's now my new favorite. We got this in a couple weeks ago and had the opportunity to use it on a hot stone massage client last week. It allows you to continue with a nice glide without having to reapply oil often. And Edens Garden offers it at a great price point! As always, fantastic customer service and fast shipping. Thanks Edens Garden!

by Chiropractor >> See more reviews

Great results, great quality

Light fresh oil that absorbs quickly without leaving greasiness behind. Very soothing and nourishing to rough and dry skin but also leaves face smooth and glowing when I use it on my face overnight. Definitely would purchase from this supplier again.

by ratbatblue >> See more reviews

Got Lizard Neck? Try This Stuff

I am probably not your typical oil user...I am a dude, with a lot of alligator skin due to years of exposure to sun and surf. One use of apricot oil and a body can tell, this is skin care as nature intended. Applied sparingly, this stuff covers a surprising amount of ground, and it penetrates quickly, giving the skin a glow, a softness, and a feel that, in my experience, no petroleum and chemical-based product from a lab can. My favorite oil used to be the kind that smells like coconuts and has words like "tropic" and "Hawaiian" in its name, and to this day, the smell of coconut oil brings to mind a lot of eye-candy memories...but (ahem) I digress. Although my sniffer isn't as keen as it once was, I cannot detect an obvious odor in this oil. Let me say again: its penetration is like no other--compared to apricot oil, the coconut-ty stuff is greasy, and for too long it leaves one slick and slippery enough to squeeze through a narrow space. The feel of a body's skin 5 minutes after applying apricot oil is something to be experienced. Use this oil on your partner as a massage oil, and be prepared for what happens when the lights go dim ;-) Thank you Eden's Garden, one of my new favorite sellers.

Great Carrier Oil

Another one I use for my homemade facial and eye serums. The quality is the best and its a keeper. It doesn't get any better.