Lightweight paraben free conditioner that strengthens each hair fiber from within, helping repair and preserve hair's natural vitality. Fine textured gel formula.
Feature: Wella Elements Daily Renewing Conditioner (6.76 oz.)
Manufacturer: Wella Hair Care


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Great Professional Products for all water & hair types!

I first began using these products as they were recommended from my salon. They are truly sulfate and paba free unlike other products which say they are, but are actually not due to a little chemical name change in the ingredients. This is the real deal. It works in all hair types and in all parts of the U.S. I state this as I travel all over the country and have had beautiful results with these products with all kinds of water. As I use these products regularly I definitely recommend and will purchase again!

by Olivia Curtis >> See more reviews

Light & fragrant

Light moisture for fine hair, smells great

by Sarah Hovsepian >> See more reviews

Smells awesome! I had the same bottle from my salon ...

Smells awesome! I had the same bottle from my salon prior and I feel like this is a bit watery compared to the bottle from the salon.

Love Wella and love the Elements line

Love Wella and love the Elements line. This is great as a daily use and love it with the shampoo. Plus, the scent is lovely.


So awful. Bought this and the shampoo and it gave me horrible dandruff and doesn't smell so great either.

by Kathy Rice >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Love this product. Makes has made my hair healthy again.

Five Stars

this product is amazing! i use it with nioxin 3