Rosa Sea Gel-Cream is a fragrance-free formula that provides an overall sensation of well-being to sensitive and reactive skins. It increases the skin's tolerance to environmental assaults. Through the synergy of highly effective ingredients, Rosa Sea is clinically proven to visibly reduce skin redness, smooth and enhance skin tone uniformity. Rosa Sea is a unique gel-cream formula with ingredients that soothe and hydrate sensitive skin. Significantly decreases the appearance of redness and improves skin tone uniformity. Restores comfort and an overall sensation of well-being. Minimizes the skin's sensitivity caused by environmental aggressions. | Clinically proven results after 28 days: Reduces skin reactivity by up to 85% ;Reduces the appearance of redness by up to 75%; Increases hydration by up to 48%
Manufacturer: GM Collin
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by Sharon Murrett >> See more reviews

Excellent Product. Well worth purchasing.

I love this product. It has helped my sensitive skin by controlling the redness I frequently have. Since using this product I have had no flare ups of flushing or redness to my face.

Clear Face

Rosa Sea has helped my skin have less flares with my roseacea. You do not know how awesome it feels to get comments on your face

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Awesome for sensitive skin!

I think I found my HG moisturiser! My skin is sensitive to mineral oils and I find that gel moisturisers really work well with me. I haven't found a gel moisturiser that has retained moisture for my skin as well as G.M. Collin's. If you have sensitive skin and don't want milia seeds, perhaps give this product a try. It is quite expensive but after spending so much money on different products, why not spend good money on one product.

The Best!

I have a pretty pronounced case of Keratosis Pilaris along my jawline and on my cheeks. Started using this cream about five weeks before my wedding at the recommendation of my facial artist and my skin was incredible by the big day! No more rough bumps and the redness was nearly gone. I've never been so happy with a beauty product. Will be a customer for life.

Contains peanut-related ingredients

I looked up all the ingredients. Many are plant-based. It contains tea, rooibos, honey, frankincense, algae, seaweed, birch, something that looks like chamomile, PEANUT (oops), magnolia, grape, yeast, olive oil, rose, and neroli. I liked it, but cannot say it reduced pink tones in my skin, as my facialist promised.

by Lori A. Ritter >> See more reviews

Nothing better for inflamed, combo skin!

I have tried many, many, many creams and lotions for my partially dry, but can get oily face. I also have rosacea on my cheeks. This is by far the best lotion I have found for balancing my skin and calming my cheeks. Even works I. The winter months!!

by Lkaylee721 >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Recommended by my facialist

I was so happy to find this cream at my local spa

I have very sensitive skin and have tried many expensive products. I was so happy to find this cream at my local spa. It is light, non-greasy, and unscented. I love it!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews


It feels good on my skin, but I'm not noticing a huge improvement in redness. Good news is there is no irritation from this.

by Robert Laboube >> See more reviews

I would recommend this product to anyone

I would recommend this product to anyone. It is nice to find a product of this type that actually works. Bob