An innovative enzymatic formula in an easy to use gel texture with a fresh spring scent that exfoliates and firms. For all skin types and conditions, even sensitive. Exfoliation. Salon professional hair care product. 100% genuine.
Manufacturer: G.M. Collin
Size: 1.7 oz


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Secret beauty item!!!

ok. so I believe in the power of the people!! Especially when it comes to skin and dark circles!! My facialist used this product for 2 years on my skin before finally revealing what it was. She was secretive about beauty stuff cause thats her pocketbook. I get it! but now I get to buy this product and do it myself!!! Yeah- the secret is you can use this to lighten dark circles and it works like a dream. If this helps you, my work here is done!! It hurts like a mother to use it undereye but the difference is amazing!! Great product! Great product! Great product!!!

by Julie Ann >> See more reviews

very interesting!

I enjoyed purchasing this product because it truly removes dead skin cells and leaves your face feeling refreshed after application! It comes out as a clear gel which you apply all over the face, and when it hardens you can actually leave it in as a leave in toner or take a washcloth and rub it off- you WILL see dirt and dead skin cells definitely come off.

by Grammy Lodus >> See more reviews

The Best

I have sensitive and dry skin, yet this product has never worsened either of my skin conditions. I've used it for more than 10 years and would never use any other exfoliation product. It does the job and does it well. I use it once a week or so. A little goes a long way.

by Pansy O'Hara >> See more reviews

great results

I was getting a facial and the technician used this exact product. She gave me a flyer on the product line. I have been using this gel at least twice a week since. It has really improved the texture of my skin and reduced those tiny bumps. Takes only 10 minutes. Best skin product I use.

Four Stars

Excellent but small. Kind of expensive!

It's a great product. I have very sensitive skin and acne ...

It's a great product. I have very sensitive skin and acne and this is the only thing that will dry up and make my acne gone by morning, while not drying out my skin or irritating it. IT'S A LIFE SAVER!!!!

GM Collins Rocks!

This GM Colling face cleaner arrived safely and as scheduled. I LOVE GM Collins and many of my friends that goes to a facial place use it.

by Karol Waro >> See more reviews

Love it.

This gently exfoliates your skin leaving it feeling fresh. The entire line is terrific and very gently on your skin.

Love it!

Mild scent, no harsh chemicals, doesn't dry out my skin. I love this product. Leaves skin soft and blemish free

My go-to exfoliant

I've never found a better product. Effortless to use, does a great job and smells fresh and bright.