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Feature: Nerium AD Night Cream 1 oz
Manufacturer: Nerium


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by Bret barnes >> See more reviews

Would highly recommend. Tip

Have used Nerium for three months now. Have seen a noticeable difference in the texture and color of my skin- smoother and not so red. Would highly recommend. Tip: the serum is thick so wet your face before application- it goes on easier. Only negative: it has an odor to it but it dosent bother me.

by Diane R. Castro >> See more reviews

Nerium...Not a Good Idea for Buying OR Selling

Well, unfortunately, I got caught in selling this...I purchased the smallest brand partner package for a total of $282! A few things: Yes, it is cult-like, unfortunately. And, yes, it seems that the Nite Cream has stopped working. Darn. Upon selling it to friends, family and neighbors by letting them try the bottles of the nite cream for a week, resulted in no changes and they just handed the bottle back to me. :( Then, I had a neighbor pretty much shoved me out the door after she tried it. Yikes! And, my sister-in-law could not stand the smell (she was not the only one that hated the smell), and that it didn't do anything for her wrinkles. She also just handed the bottle back to me after trying it for 7 days. Then, another person brought the unopened bottle of nite cream back to me saying that her dermatologist said to "Absolutely not put one bit of this on your face. Only use what I give you." So, how could I argue with that? I struck out more than 3 times, so I am out of this business. Now more than disappointed, I have 4 bottles of the cream that are opened and as a Brand Partner, the company will not give me a penny as a refund for those. Which is ridiculous because they give customers a 30 day money back guarantee which means they take back opened bottles. When I called the company about returning my Brand Partner box one of the customer service persons I spoke with said I was stupid for letting people try it for free -- that I should have sold it to them first. Huh? What? That is not how they said to sell this product at all!!! I even went to a regional meeting and they said to have customers try the nite cream for 5-7 days for free first. This company is very screwed up, doesn't follow their own hype -- and yes it is a hype and very cult like. I am out of this for good, but unfortunately, I am stuck with 4 opened bottles and 1 unopened bottle of the nite cream. (I will probably return the unopened bottle of the nite cream.) Stay away from these guys!

by Truth B Told >> See more reviews

want less wrinkles

I use it every night. It is kind of like applying a mask over your skin to keep it from wrinkling as you sleep. This is one product that at this time I will continue to use. I recommend this product.

this may be a good product for you

If you are in your 40's,50's and maybe even 60's, this may be a good product for you. If you are in your 80's, it will age you to 100 years old in one minute. Be careful.

by barbara cross >> See more reviews

Very disappointing.

Did not have a full bottle. Only got a few uses out of it. Since it is not clear packaging and you cannot get into it, you cannot see contents...

This company sent me old product

This company sent me old product. It wasn't even in an updated bottle design as shown.

by karri proite >> See more reviews

I love this product

I love this product! I used to pile on foundation. Now I have to remind myself that I don't need much at all. My skin has improved so much, I could not be with out nerium.

by Barbara McCourtney >> See more reviews


Great for your skin, like nothing at all on the market!

by vickie clipston >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Love it. See it. Service was fantastic.

Five Stars

Best night cream in the world!