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on 18/10/16
Amazing results!

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by Sally Thomas >> See more reviews

The jury is still out, however...

After using up the first bottle, which is something in itself for me, I know that it is a good product for my skin. First it softened areas that had started to become a bit leathery on my neck and around the mouth. After that, the fine wrinkles are gone and the deeper ones are smoothing out between the brow and forehead. My neckline doesn't sag so much, and the skin feels very different. It was soft before, but now it seems smoother too. I am looking forward to the next two months treatment, after which I will be going to a family reunion. ;-) I have already had comments from the locals here lately that I "don't seem to age." :-D

This really works!

I tried the 30 day challenge and the first application you can feel your skin tightening. It has minimized the fine lines around my eyes and mouth and I would recommend it to anyone, its worth every penny!

My skin has become tighter and it just feels fantastic. For someone who has suffered their whole life ...

I am a 57 year old woman who was born with eczema and as a result I have extremely thick, dry, wrinkly skin on my hands. I was given a 5 day free sample of both the day and night Nerium creams and started to apply it on one hand. I was fearful because my skin has a tendency to break out with most creams. I have only used Eucerin or prescription creams throughout my life. After only five days I couldn't be more excited about this product! I immediately noticed a change in the smoothness of my skin and looking at the before and after pictures there is already a very noticeable change in the amount and size of the wrinkles. My skin has become tighter and it just feels fantastic. For someone who has suffered their whole life with skin that can really be described as painful, I can not tell you how wonderful it feels to have a product that actually changes the way my skin feels and it doesn't just disappear after it is applied or feel like I'm applying a thick grease to the outer layers of my skin. I am not rich but I will be affording this product. I will buy it from a Nerium Brand Partner, however, because I know that I can get the product for free if I can get three preferred customers. I can not imagine someone having no results with this product unless they have no wrinkles to begin with. I realize that perhaps it may not work for some but I am hoping that this review may help someone who really is suffering to see that it might be worth a try. I have never written a review before and I do not sell Nerium but I am living proof that it works.

by carol killian >> See more reviews

Great anti-aging product

Great product. I'd bought this before at full price. Great price on Amazon. Fast delivery. Good quality. I love the product because you can feel it tighten your skin. Some people say the smell bothers them. Doesn't bother me at all. Do lightly dampen your face and neck prior to application. The bottle does say that. I missed that detail the first bottle. Put it on from neck to forehead lightly, and rub in upward motions. Didn't break me out like most anti-aging products have. Will definitely purchase again. Expensive, but worth it, and some products cost more and are greasy.

Beware empty product.

Item came empty just like one of the other reviewers. Amazon sent me another, this time full product. I have used this for two months and zero difference. Noticed some reviews are clearly from Nerium sellers. In doing research the company has sellers do their best to bury any negative feedback.

by Mary Ellen Fagan >> See more reviews

I am nearly 70 years old but many people say I look more like I am in the late fifties

Nerium was introduced to me by Chris Hawkins from Shawnee,KS. I am nearly 70 years old but many people say I look more like I am in the late fifties. It is not a fast working product but once it takes hold it is amazing. Mary Ellen in Lawrence, KS

by satisfied customer >> See more reviews

did not work for me

Iam 37 years old and used the cream as a free trial.I was allowed to keep it for seven days.I stop using it after the fourth day, here's why.i tend to get really dry skin if it's not well moisturize, my skin is also sensitive .I used this product to help improve some skin discoloration and expressing lines on the corners of my mouth . By the second day of using the product my expressing lines looked deeper, by the third day I develop a slight rash on one cheek and by the fourth day I had dry patches on my cheeks.I used cream as directed, on damp skin.I then read some reviews online and other customers were complaining about the same thing.some customers suggested to give it time to work that these results are normal.Sorry but I never used an expensive product that made my skin looked worst in four days! This cream is clearly not for everyone, good thing is was only a free trial, otherwise would be a waste of my money.

Diana H.

WOW what a great produt!! I know it's suppose to be for the face but I applied it to my abdominal area. The stretch marks are now disappearing and the area is more toned and firm.

by Peggy Northcutt >> See more reviews

I feel like I spent a lot of money for nothing

I feel like I spent a lot of money for nothing. See no difference whatsoever on my skin, and feel like I was duped. wissh i could get my money back.....wonder how it did for others ? What a scam !

by Steve Loncar >> See more reviews

One Star

The bottle was half empty and definitely not the true product.