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Color: White, Silver, blue
Manufacturer: Nerium


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by Blondy Deniro >> See more reviews

A better alternative

I have used nerium religiously for a year, and while I liked it, i have to say that I thought it was expensive. I was looking for something that was just as good for cheaper, and it exists! Alice Nouveau Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Serum is just as good or better than nerium in my opinion. And you cant beat the price and fast shipping from amazon! The other issue with nerium is they try to get you to sign up for their auto-shipping program where its really hard to cancel if you want to stop taking their product. I felt that was unethical and it made me waste over 100$ when I didnt want to keep buying it anymore :(

Enough about the smell...

Whoa, people are very passionate about their skin care products. After skimming the comments I felt the need to share my experience just to get it out there. I did not purchase this product off of Amazon, my mother actually became a brand partner recently and she gave me some samples to try. Initially I was skeptical and went in with low expectations. I've struggled with big pores and acne scars for years and haven't been able to find anything to help. Before this I had settled for good, old fashioned soap and oil-free sun screen. However, my experience with this product has been very positive! For the past two weeks I've been using the the day and night cream religiously and I LOVE the way it makes my skin feel. I'm still young (only 24) so I can't report on how it helps wrinkles, but I can tell you that my pores have gotten smaller and I definitely have a more even skin tone. Plus, it feels so smooth and soft now! It's the best results I've ever gotten with a skin care product. I keep reading about how awful the night cream smells and it's all so dramatic!! Sheesh, it's not that bad at all. I agree that it does smell a bit medicinal maybe, or plant-like, but it wears off quickly. I will say that the first time putting on the night cream is a little odd. I've never had to dampen my skin to put on lotion before, so the first time I did it my face was too damp and adding the night cream made me feel slimy. This was an easy fix though, and the next time I used it I just didn't leave as much water on my face. I've read in other reviews that people feel like their skin is tighter and/or dried out after they use the night cream. It really does make you skin feel tighter after it absorbs into your skin. This sensation might not be for everyone, but I actually really like it because to me it feels like the product is actually working! I've also had a couple times where I've forgotten to dampen my skin before putting it on, and it definitely feels dry and unpleasant because it's thicker than regular moisturizer. Perhaps this is the source of some of the bad reviews? Just know that with the night cream, dampening your skin with a little water before hand like the directions say is really helpful and makes your skin feel better later on. Hopefully this was helpful to at least someone. I know it's hard to weed through products to find something that's right for you, I've been there. I don't know if Nerium is a miracle cream or anything, that might be a stretch, but I've had some pretty awesome results.

Best I've found in 40 years!

I've used another product for over 40 years and didn't get the results I get from Nerium. The other product required (as most do eventually) requires the purchase of several different creams and/or serums to go with the initial product in order to make the product work. NOT Nerium! Its only night cream and day cream. I absolutely love it! About the "smell" of the night cream: don't believe everything you hear or read. The night cream does have a different odor, but its not at all offensive or "awful" as has been written. With regard to the "auto ship": it's not a requirement but after you have purchased 3 months worth of night and day cream, starting in the 4th month, the day cream is FREE! YES, I SAID FREE! My first purchase was in October, 2013 and I've been getting my FREE day cream since last month (January) Why am I so outspoken about this product? I'm nearly 77 years old, and no one (and I mean no one) ever correctly guesses my age. The range of guesses are, early to mid 50's to early 60's. Don't I wish!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, there are tons of skin care products 'out there' that are oh so much more expensive, but none that work as well as Nerium. Just in case you are all wondering, I use it but I DON'T SELL IT! P.S. I have dry skin and Nerium keeps my skin well hydrated, soft to the touch and glowing with health. Trust me, if this product didn't work, I would have returned my first bottles and certainly wouldn't be singing it's praises.

by Sarah Max >> See more reviews


Loved the product! I noticed a significant reductions in fine lines around my eyes and on my neck within a week.

by chiquita goodnight >> See more reviews


this product is one of the few products for skin care that you can really see the change in you skin . It really works!!

Buyer Beware...

Bought this as a gift for my wife as she has used the product before and lives it. The night cream is her favorite but unfortunately this product didn't last nearly as long as it typically does with no change is how it's used. Seems as though there was less than a full amount in the package. We are very disappointed and will not be buying from this reseller anymore.

by Judy Barresi >> See more reviews

Not worth the money

I've been using Nerium faithfully since I got it several weeks ago and have not seen any difference. A lot of money for no results

by Debbie Randall >> See more reviews

$109 wasted.: (

Received product,my fault that I threw packaging away so that I couldn't return,Used product one time and I broke out in a severe rash all over my face neck even ears,took about 3 days to go away. $109 wasted.:(

nerium ad

i have only used it for 3 weeks , and have seen no improvement as yet. will keep using it til I run out.

My skin has become tighter and it just feels fantastic. For someone who has suffered their whole life ...

I am a 57 year old woman who was born with eczema and as a result I have extremely thick, dry, wrinkly skin on my hands. I was given a 5 day free sample of both the day and night Nerium creams and started to apply it on one hand. I was fearful because my skin has a tendency to break out with most creams. I have only used Eucerin or prescription creams throughout my life. After only five days I couldn't be more excited about this product! I immediately noticed a change in the smoothness of my skin and looking at the before and after pictures there is already a very noticeable change in the amount and size of the wrinkles. My skin has become tighter and it just feels fantastic. For someone who has suffered their whole life with skin that can really be described as painful, I can not tell you how wonderful it feels to have a product that actually changes the way my skin feels and it doesn't just disappear after it is applied or feel like I'm applying a thick grease to the outer layers of my skin. I am not rich but I will be affording this product. I will buy it from a Nerium Brand Partner, however, because I know that I can get the product for free if I can get three preferred customers. I can not imagine someone having no results with this product unless they have no wrinkles to begin with. I realize that perhaps it may not work for some but I am hoping that this review may help someone who really is suffering to see that it might be worth a try. I have never written a review before and I do not sell Nerium but I am living proof that it works.