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Five Stars

Very satisfied with this product. I like that the straps are adjustable. All went very well.

by LittleTank >> See more reviews

Nice to have on hand!

Perfect - exactly what I needed, and came timely. Good to have on hand!

by M. Thomas >> See more reviews

You get what you pay for

The metal attachment is about 3 - 4 mm longer than my standard bra loops. They are VERY short. The first time I wore it, I neglected to inspect them carefully and I ended up with a welt/bruise from these. Turns out that were the bra strap was bonded to the hook, the "plastic" material had not been crimped but not refined so it had been rubbing away all day. I solved it by filling it down but still. Such poor quality. I may use the other 3 sets as blanket/yoga mat loops instead.

Five Stars

Cute but didn't realize the straps were so thick

Great buy!

I bought these to go with a waist trainer that came with straps that were way to short. These ad lots of extra length and do not cut into my shoulders at all. I am now using them with other bras. Great buy!

Too Thick

The straps are thicker than your average bra and the hooks are too large for the holders in most bras which leads to tearing of the bra at the holder.

by Elizabeth J. Thompson >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Very nice and definitely wider than the ones that came with the bras.

by calena williams >> See more reviews

Five Stars