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Wonderful Perm

This perm is easy to use...doesn't burn hair. Hair is permed very professional looking.

by Betty Boop >> See more reviews

Quantum Perm

I have used this perm twice. Pleased with the results. The first time I used it - the curl lasted almost seven months - very nice indeed as my hairdresser charges much much more for a perm and it only lasted 4 months. Understand it is going to be very curly if you leave on for the full 20 minutes but you can adjust your time accordingly. Am pleased - love to wash and go! No fuss-no muss and the smell is, well, a bit unpleasant and for me lasts through the first three washes. Give it a try-just remember timing is crucial - my first experiences with a home perm have been pretty good.

by Evelyn T. Cole >> See more reviews

great for great for greying hair

quatum extra body acid perm has the best curly perm i have yet to use

by Karen Smith >> See more reviews

Perm for bleached hair

This perm is very gentle for double processed hair. The directions for it are the same as their other perm products. I would recommend it to others.

Great product

For resistant hair, Quantum is the way to go. It lasts for a long time, and is strong enough for hair that doesn't take too well.

by Catherine Distrito >> See more reviews

Quantum Perm

I have used Quantum for over 20 years - through all it's changes. I have tried numerous other kind but always return to Quantum because it is the only one that can handle my difficult hair. It is a great product.

Gives a long-lasting perm

I have used perms for years, and was looking for one that had minimal odor. This one had been reviewed as having no noticable odor, however, it has plenty of odor and is no different from others. It does the job, stays in and doesn't loosen with the use of heated appliances or stretching of the hair. I will use it again.

by Susan J. Beeseck >> See more reviews

Fantastic Curls

I have been using these perms for years, and they have never let me down. The price is really great, and they definitely do a great job.

by Gloria Bugryn >> See more reviews


usually this is a good perm in my case I received a perm that was old and it did not activate I am disappointed

by Betty A. Fritze >> See more reviews

Great Perm

I really like this perm and have used it on myself and a friend. I will purchase this brand again. Thanks!