Introducing maybelline's first gel-mousse mascara: volum' express mega plush contains 40% less hard waxes for massive, yet supple lashes. The patented flexor brush gently coats every lash with mega volume that's never stiff and never brittle. Opthalmologist tested and contact lens safe.
Color: Very Black
Manufacturer: Maybelline
Size: .3 OZ
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by girlystuff12 >> See more reviews

Go to Mascara

I really enjoy this mascara! It is currently my go to mascara! In fact I have two of them!! I never want to run out! I Have been using this mascara for about 2 months now. Some great things about this mascara: 1. Does not clump 2. Does not leave your lashes with that hard waxy finish 3. After 2 coats it looked like the falsies version volumewise but without the heaviness of the wax 4. The tube color is amazing! so girly! 5. It stays put all day! even in this 100 degree texas weather!

Great job for the price

I am a self proclaimed mascara junkie, and this is a great one. It is easily to apply and the bristles on the brush are sturdy so they do a great job of pulling apart clumped together lashes (especially if you are re-applying mascara later on in the day) The color is very black. This mascara gives my lashes a fanned out effect and makes them appear fuller than they do on their own. It also seems to add a little length if you apply a few coats. Great job for the price


It works so well!! Best mascara i ever bought! Buy this product does not clump togethere like normal mascara! I love it you will too ;)

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Ok Mascara but not the Best

I have mix feelings with this mascara. This mascara is ok but not the best. I do like that it doesn't flake, clump and lashes are soft to touch. Other than this thats all the positive I have to say for this mascara. This mascara has cons in my opinion. 1. Not sure why its has volum or plush words in the name. There is no evidence that it does these things to your lashes. 2. The wand is very odd to work with. Needs some major work. It doesn't work for this mascara liquid. 3. You can't remove this mascara with a water base makeup remover. I purchased Maybelline's oil base make up remover and it does get the mascara off. I probably will not purchase again. This mascara doesn't do what it advertised. 2/17/2012 UPDATE Have used this mascara several weeks. I too am losing lashes. I use to have alot of lashes. Half my lower lashes are gone on one eye. I would suggest when using the oil remover dont rub but hold a few secs and slide it off the eye lashes. That seems to be helping to keep the few lashes I have. There is a bad chemical smell that waters my eyes and maybe causing my eye lashes coming out in clumps. Revised and gave it one star.

Favorite drugstore mascara

Everything about it is great, right down to the adorable teal and pink tube. i love the bendy wand, it really helps you get the right angle for the inner and outer corner lashes. The brush is also a good shape; it separates the lashes well and doesn't over-coat them so they look natural. The formula feels really light, like you're not even wearing mascara. It does give a really light coating, so I usually apply 2-3 coats, depending on how much drama I'm going for. If you're used to only doing one coat, or if you tend to get clumps when you apply more than one coat, just invest in a metal tooth lash comb. the folding Tweezerman one is my fave, and it's only about $12. Seriously, it'll change your life, no matter what mascara you use. A lot of people claimed in their reviews that they're pulling their eyelashes out trying to remove it, but I've never had a problem. I use oil free remover (the kind that is in two layers and you have to shake it up) or creamy face cleanser (not gel or foam).

a lot of $ for crap...

its pretty expensive for something that just makes 1 huge clump out of ur lashes, plus it lasts about 3-4 weeks if u wear it every day. ull be better off with a 1 dollar mascara from ur local drug store, not even kidding. im not saying that all Maybelline mascaras suck, but this one isn't worth the package it comes in. DONT BUY IT!

by Samantha K. >> See more reviews

One of my favorite drugstore mascaras!

Pros: -Long-lasting and decently waterproof. -Extends and thickens lashes significantly. WOW. It does such a good job of this that it makes the few cons more than tolerable. -No sticking or flaking with time. -In comparison with most brands, it's much less irritating on my eyes while wearing contacts. Cons: -The brush has an over-abundance of bristles, and applies a little too much at once. It needs to be thoroughly combed, otherwise it leaves lashes looking a bit pasty and matted. -The color I bought (blackest black) had an odd navy blue color, hardly noticeable when worn but still unexpected.


This is probably my least favorite maybelline mascara. I honestly don't hate it, but Maybellines other mascaras work a lot better for whatever they claim to do than this one does. However, it may just be my preferences and my personal lash type, so if you are interested in this, you should read more reviews just to get a good idea in general. :)

by DeidraBee >> See more reviews

Not plush

I would MAYBE recommend this product to someone who wants a very natural look. My eyelashes are soft to the touch after applying this mascara. They aren't hard and crunchy. They aren't plush or voluminous. I haven't had any problems with clumping or flaking. I prefer the Maybelline Rocket mascara to this one. This mascara is just... meh...

by Silverstein >> See more reviews


For me this is the best mascara. I have a small length of eyashes and this mascara made it twice as long. It doesn't flake when I put it on and hopefully it will stay like that. I only had to dip once to make both my eyelashes full, but everyone has different lashes so idk.