G.M.Collin innovates by allying, for the first time, pomegranate with Bamboo, Lotus Flower and Water Lily extracts, which to improve skin's water retention. Hydramucine Optimal Cream is a velvety-textured formulation designed to increase the skin's water level and lipidic protection of normal to dry skin experiencing dehydration. The cream is composed of vegetal microspheres that form micro water reservoirs.
Feature: The auto-active hydration to increase the reserve of water of the skin
Manufacturer: G.M. Collin
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by Beth Murphy >> See more reviews

Great Product!

I've used this product for about a year and I love it! It isn't oily to the touch and I get a lot of compliments about my skin since using the GM Collin products. Try it, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's a little expensive but a little goes a long way.

My favorite moisturizer

I first discovered this getting a facial and LOVE this stuff. It hydrates my skin but never leaves it oily. It's great and my skin feels soft and clean after using it.

by Unsatisfy Buyer >> See more reviews

Bad product

The product appeared unused but did not have any expiration date on the bottle unlike the other GM products that I bought before. It has a very strange stale smell like the smell of lotions that went bad after being kept for a long period of time. Tried to return the product but seller refused to take it back. Will never buy from this seller again.

by Latingirl >> See more reviews

Great Product - Great Price

I really like this product and I love the fact that the price was very reasonable. The cream came super fast and it was the real thing. Thank you

by Beth, Boston MA >> See more reviews

Excellent product

Shipment arrived very quickly, high quality packaging. The product is fantastic for anyone with sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

by Lorraine Chan >> See more reviews

It somehow also adds a suppleness that is more like my 30 year old skin

When I turned 40, my skin turned sensitive almost overnight. I had dry patches that just got irritated and red when I tried to put moisturizer on them - yikes! Collin Hydramucine Cream fixed that! This cream "floats" onto your skin, giving it lots of moisture without any oiliness. It somehow also adds a suppleness that is more like my 30 year old skin! EVERY time I was my face I will smooth on Hydramucine to lock in moisture.

Great product even if a bit expensive!

Skin care is personal and I would recommend finding a good estheticion near you that can give proper professional advice. As for this product it works beautifully to keep my skin moisturizer and hydrated so that it regulates it's own oil production.

by Linda Sherman >> See more reviews

I have surface dry skin on my checks. This ...

I have surface dry skin on my checks. This is the only product that continues to hydrate and soften my skin!! I have used it for years now as my day cream , along with the treating mist. This is a winner.

by Barbara Welch >> See more reviews

My opinion

It is rich and moist. I only need to use a drop or two which is nice. Would love to have a tiny travel sized bottle, but meanwhile, I just put it in another small bottle when I travel.

by Cat Lover >> See more reviews

Does not smell like it did in the past. Maybe non authentic... a fake?

I also purchased this and it does not appear authentic. It smells different and the bottle looks slightly different. It smells horrible. Smells rancid.