Replace hundreds of dollars in body care products & cut out tons of harmful chemicals with one simple natural ingredient.

Don't buy another moisturizer until you've tried 100% Ivory Shea Butter from Native Soul Body Care - "Your Body's Best Friend"

- Great for hair - split ends, dry hair, dandruff or as a styling aid
- Gentle enough to protect & nourish a baby's bottom, effective enough to heal & regenerate adult skin
- Purest & safest product on the market for stretch marks

Native Soul Ivory Shea Nut Butter comes packaged as shown. It is IVORY in color, NOT WHITE, NOT YELLOW. Our pure nut butter is 100% unrefined with no other added ingredients.

Native Soul unscented 100% Ivory Shea Butter absorbs nicely into the skin to heal dry, chapped or sun damaged skin. The durable container & screw-top lid with insert ensure it arrives in extraordinary condition.

If you prefer, you can melt the 100% Ivory Shea Butter & add your own essential oils for additional healing properties.

Use as a moisturizer or add to your own recipes for homemade soaps & lotions for extra enriching benefits.

When pricing Shea Butter remember:
- You get what you pay for
- Never buy rancid Shea Butter again
- Free of sand, hair, nut shells, mold & other debris

We're confident that you'll love this product. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Begin to nourish & protect your skin with Native Soul Body Care - "Your Body's Best Friend".

Manufacturer: Native Soul Body Care
Size: 16 oz
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by ZombieQueenSusan >> See more reviews

Loving my Shea Butter

Very high quality Shea Butter. I have been using it over a week now and my skin feels so much softer. It has made a big difference with my hands. They are so dry that the skins splits open. This Shea butter is helping with that issue.

So many uses

I love this . I am so happy that i got this product. It can be used for so many things . Its so creamy and smooth and just melts in your finger tips. I have been wanting to try this product from some time now and i wish i would not have waited so long. It is great for using on my dry elbows and heals . I love using it in my daughters hair, her hair has never been so smooth. The scent is not strong and you can add your own scents to it to make it smell how ever you want. I highly recommend this product and i will continue to use it.

Nice size

I am pleased with how much I received. It worked well on sun/wind dried skin. I like that you can add your own essential oils for scent. I plan on using some of it to make some soap, but I am saving some for when I have been outdoors too long. Great product.

by Keith Havens II >> See more reviews

High Quality and Versatile

As a first time user of shea butter, I have been impressed with the versatility of this product! I love using it on dry skin. It is odorless and non greasy and absorbs into my skin very quickly. The best part is even after a day of outside chores and washing dishes, I only have to use it once! Most other moisturizers I have tried require repeat applications, but not this! I have also been using a dab on my lips as a way to combat dry lips. Not only does it work great, but doesn't have the "heavy" feel some products can leave. I have also used this on my children's cheeks as a windburn preventative and plan on getting a lot of use out of it during the winter. The best part is it only takes a tiny amount. This tub is going to last me a LONG time! I am also excited to try this in both lip balm recipes and a homemade soap recipe, I am sure if will be great in both. Some of the reasons I choose this brand in particular are that it is 100% shea butter, it is unrefined, and hexane free. These are important things to look for in a high quality shea butter. Considering the multitude of uses for this product, I plan on keeping a tub around at all times! Can't believe it took me this long to try it out.

This stuff is gooooood!!!!

Awesome product. It does exactly what it says. My skin looks healthy! I'm very impressed with this product! My skin is clearer. Had eczema, but this has helped tremendously!!

by eric albert >> See more reviews

Great product

This is a great product. I noticed the difference in my skin after the first use. It really works well. Buy this. You will be glad you did. Jst don't get it in your eyes.

This is better than butter! It's the best.

I have very dry skin, and I have purchased a handful of different creams: raw Shea butter, raw cocoa butter, coconut butter, aloe vera butter etc. I purchased this because of all the high ratings, and no low ratings. I figured I would at least try. It arrived and it is really amazing. I have used it every day. There is no odor. My skin has not become irritated. I use it on my face as well as my body and so far I have had no reaction which is a first. I use a hair dryer on it in the morning for 30 seconds to soften it. The consistency is just fine for me. Even on a cold morning without heating I can get some easily out of the jar and on my skin. It lasts all day, and my hands are still relatively smooth and moist even after washing them several times a day. I went ahead and purchased a few more jars just in case everybody gets wind of how good this product is sold out! I give it an 11 out of 10. It also arrived quickly and was packaged well. Doesn't get better than that.

Wish I discover this sooner

I always have problem with my skin, whether it's the eczema breakout or my stretchmarks. Over the years I've spend thousand of dollar literally trying to find relief, unfortunately some of the stuff I've use only worsen the situation. Searching through Amazon yet for another skin product I came across this Native Soul Shea product with only 6 review, I made the purchase, the product came in time. This cream is UNSCENTED, NON GREASY, AND MELT THROUG MY SKIN LIKE WHIP BUTTER (you need to rub it through) I use it on my skin, face (not hair yet) eczema stop burning and chaffing my skin, and my stretch are smoothing (no more of the itching scar feeling, I can tell stretch marks will diminish) THE BEST FOR SENSITIVE, PROBLEMATIC SKIN! I will not use any other cream, I'm smooth and feeling more confident than usual.

by Country Reader >> See more reviews

This one was great. Pleasant texture

I used to have a small business making and selling soaps, lotions and ointments where I would buy 50 pounds of Shea at a time directly from Africa. Since I don't buy wholesale quantities anymore, I was hesitant to try any retail products because I know the variation in quality, texture, and scent. This one was great. Pleasant texture, nice light color, very little graininess which is natural to shea. Faint smell, it's not one of those overly musky unrefined shea smells. Greasy as all shea is, use a very small amount and don't get it on your palms because it doesn't absorb there! Jar has an inner sealing disk, very nice. I ordered this even knowing that there might be problems with shipping in 100F temperatures, but the product came in perfect condition, no excess melting.

Great stuff

I wanted to buy shea butter for a long time and finally got this one. It's amazing. I wanted to use it as an ingredient in some skin care recipes I have, but this stuff is pretty amazing by itself. My husband has very dry skin and just a pea size amount of this shea butter helped with his dry cracked hands. It doesn't really have any smell to it and you have to warm it up on your skin, but then it just melts right into your skin, without feeling greasy at all. I can't wait to use it in creams, but I might just use it the way it is. Although it isn't easy to get out of the tub. It is very solid. But it is great for the skin. So versatile, because it helps with all kinds of troubled skin. I will buy it again, once I run out of this pretty decent sized tub.