Find your expression. Lose the wrinkle. REDEFINE ACUTE CARETM smooths wrinkles with proprietary Liquid Cone Technology that melts line-defying peptides and hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkle for a more youthful appearance.
Manufacturer: Rodan + Fields
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These patches work a little for a few hours after ...

These patches work a little for a few hours after they are removed, and then the skin goes back to how it looked before the patch was applies. Twelve treatments made no difference to my skin.

Do not waste your money

Do not waste your money.. This product does not work.. I was SOOOOO excited to try it because I do love R&F products and very much like the R&F Redefine Regimen. I saw absolutely no difference whatsoever and I used the entire box before I wrote this review.. Very disappointed.

I got ZERO results

I did not purchase mine on Amazon, but through at actual R&F rep. I tried it for 2 months. I can't even tell a difference. Don't waste your money. I was wantng to try something before doing botox. Sadly, botox it will be!

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Save your money

I used proactive back in the day and was very pleased with the results, so when I discovered R&F, I was curious. The price point was a shocker but I figured it was worth trying. I joined as a preferred member and 6 months later, I'm here to tell you to save your money. I've used the unblemish, reverse, the AMP roller, and these strips. These little guys almost had me fooled. After the first treatment, I could not believe my eyes!! The lines were almost gone! However a few hours later everything was back to normal. Maybe if I used them daily, I would see long term results but I'd go broke. If you care that much about your wrinkles and are looking / willing to spend $200 on one box, just look into botox or another long term treatment. You simply cannot get long term, real results, out of an OTC treatment- unless it's sunscreen.

by Heather Ford >> See more reviews

It's fantastic! Honestly the only thing to ever work for me

First I should say, I didn't get my acute care from Amazon, I got it from a friend who is a R&D rep. Since I check Amazon for reviews, I wanted to provide a review for others who do the same. Im almost 40 with bad "luggage" under my eyes & sever "pinch" wrinkles between my eyebrows. The "pinch" is really bad & bothers me a lot, it is so bad that 5 yrs ago I had asked a dermatologist about the cost of Botox for just between my eyebrows. He said "oh it will be very expensive bc you need a lot just between your brows, not to mention your forehead". Needless to say, 5yrs later, it has only gotten worse. I've tried everything & nothing really helped. While I love instantly ageless bc it helped diminish the lines, it was only temporarily & makeup could help cover some, but nothing really fixed the problem...that is until R&D acute care! I only got 2 sample packs, (4patches) to try, I was afraid to spend that kind of money if they didn't work. I decided to only use it between my eyebrows, so I could see if there's any real results, before taking the plunge & ordering a box. I used one, and was so ecstatic when I got up in the morning to find there was actually a significant improvement! I used my instantly ageless & make up during the day, my "pinch" was not visible!! I followed the instructions of applying it every other day, and I'm thrilled to say after 3 patches so far my "pinch" is almost gone!!! I was so thrilled after 2 treatments I called my friend, who is a R&D rep & ordered a box, hoping to get it before I use my last patch tomorrow. Once I have a box I will continue treating my "pinch", and start on my under eye "luggage"! I have a feeling I'm going to need 2 boxes but it's worth it!!! My ONLY complaint (aside from expense) is the limited number of patches per box, I wish there were more so I could treat all the areas at once. Anyway I had to give a review bc I never thought anything other than Botox would ever help my "pinch". I'm hopful that I will have similar results under my eyes, and will update about how that goes. I'm not in any way affiliated with R&D, or Amazon, I didn't get anything free to try, this was just my review of a product that gave me great results! I hope this helps someone & that others also get great results!

by Shaunelle >> See more reviews

but they aren't instant results like botox. You'll see them start to take effect ...

I can only leave 4 stars because I've only used the product for two nights. I must say I was a little let down when in the morning after taking off the strips, I saw little change. BUT 12 hours later, a noticeable difference! The ingredients are known to work, but they aren't instant results like botox. You'll see them start to take effect later the next day after putting them on. Also I must add, I bought them on Ebay for 40% less. Just make sure you get a genuine product. Give it time and you'll see results of some sort. One other option for those with small pocketbooks, buy a derma roller and a Hyaluronic/Peptide serum and you basically have the same product that's a 1/3 of the cost and will last you many months. *EDIT* This is my second time using in the under eye area and above each eye brow to smooth for headlines. These WORK! I changed my rating to 5 stars. It seems like the second time people have more dramatic results. I think the bad reviews on here stem from perhaps fake products. I will repurchase even if it means cutting back on other items in my budget. Try looking at result experiences on YouTube, you can find some great ones!

by L. Johnson >> See more reviews

Did not work at all for me.

I bought several boxes of these from my rep and used over the course of several months (at around $200 a box, they are NOT cheap) I like some their other products and was excited to try these. I have one noticeable wrinkle in my forehead that I applied these to, on clean, dry skin every 3 days. I took a "before" photo. After several months there was ZERO difference in the wrinkle, only my wallet contents were less noticeable.


FAKE PRODUCT - Rodan + Fields REAL products are NOT allowed to be sold on Amazon. So I would question the authenticity of these products and tools!”

by Karen Huber >> See more reviews

made under eye area worse!!

Worthless, expensive, made under eye area worse!!

by Julia rain >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Very good product! You have to use the whole box to see results.