The ANTI-AGE Regimen is a comprehensive skincare system that layers powerful cosmetic ingredients and proven peptide technology to visibly firm skin and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.
Manufacturer: Rodan and Fields


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by S.C. Bicknell >> See more reviews

Detailed Review NOT From an Annoying Sales Rep

This is a long review, but I like to be thorough! I can't believe I actually CHOSE to overpay for these products, but I'm SO SICK & TIRED of the people that I know that sell these products harassing me, I decided to pay a bit more so I could try this out without getting the "hard sell". I swear, I'll like a picture of a reps kid on Facebook& within 5 mins I'm getting a msg asking if I'm "ready" to get started. I digress, but it's annoying. I'm an Esthetician, and I also have 2 dermatologists in my fam. I have access to a lot of great products. I wanted to try this so I could give an "educated" review. I'll update any progress that I have, after I use all of this Redefine kit, unless I start breaking out w/ acne, like I've read others report. I've been using this for 9 days, so here's what I think so far: 1-the cleaning mask, in my opinion, is a mask, but it doesn't "clean" my face, so I'm having to use a separate cleanser prior to doing the mask. I think that exfoliating is great to do in moderation, so this product, so far has been okay, but it's nothing too special. I may only use it 1x per day vs 2. 2-Toner-I learned all the benefits of using toner, and I forget what R+F claims that it does, besides help shrink pores (you can't shrink your pores). You can minimize their appearance though. The toner is ok, it doesn't feel too drying like a lot do. I forget if there's alcohol in this, but it feels like there's minimal in it, if any at all, so that's good I guess. 3-triple defense treatment (AM) -I love that this has SPF 30. I feel like it's moisturizing, and I do have combination dry/oily skin. I do think that if I used the recommended dime size, my skin may be too greasy, but my skin feels nice all day. 4-Overnight Restorative cream-it's a heavy cream, and I like feel like my skin is getting hydrated, and I can't complain. I am using prescription strength Retinol (not R+F's) at night before applying the pm cream. Retinol is GREAT to help combat aging skin, and I had stopped using it for a while, so my skin typically gets a little dry/flaky until my skin has gotten used to it. So far, my skin hasn't looked too dry. I'm also using a separate under eye cream (not R+F's). I will say that my skin feels smoother than it's felt in a while, and I have a spot on my face from sun damage that was looking/feeling a little rough. Maybe it's the Retinol, or the extra exfoliation, but it's no longer rough. Maybe with continued use it will begin to fade. Time will tell. I had my Derm look at it, and she suggested a few treatments, but in a week, using these products, im avoiding something more extensive. I do my best to take care of my skin, and I am using some other products in conjunction with the Redefine kit, but my skin feels a lot better. I don't know if it's helped any of my fine lines, but I personally think that these products alone will not improve that a great deal. So for the limited time that I've been using this stuff, I'd say that I'm happy with it. I like to follow "steps" with my skin routine, it keeps me consistent. I'll go bonkers if I develop acne like some have (you can break out if your skin is purging bad stuff, which is ok..."bad acne" is not ok). I can't believe I have some positive things to say! As of now, I think this is something that I may keep on hand, and use until I finish the products, and I may even purchase more of the mask and the nightime cream for continued use. I do think to really help with the fine lines/wrinkles, everyone needs to use Retinol products etc. They can be drying, and expect them to, but after a week or so, your skin will thank you, and the dryness will go away. GOOD LUCK& I'm actually glad that a R+F's rep is breaking the company rules and selling it this way. You should lower your prices though. I'd be a customer!

by Carol Flowers >> See more reviews

... using the product my face has been breaking out like a teenager's

Since using the product my face has been breaking out like a teenager's. I paid all that money to improve my skin, instead I have the worst facial skin I've seen in years.

by Sara jones >> See more reviews

Save your money

I suspect all the 5 star reviews are from consultants. I have never seen a product line so heavily promoted by those making money off of it. The products are expensive and don't in any way give the results shown on the obviously retouched after photos. I used to products for aging skin, and bought the derm roller before I knew what it was. It was a hard sell by a relative who previously rarely contacted me, suddenly I was friended on fb, phone calls etc like we were best friends.Never in a million years would I poke holes in my face, the potential for infection is way too high and apparently the legnth of the needles are too short to stimulate the collagen response that you get at a derm spa.

by Laura M. Rowell >> See more reviews

A few things about R + F...

First off, yes - I guess this does work, but for the price? Forget it! You can get MUCH higher quality products for the same price ( just hit Saks, Nordstrom, Sephora, etc). All these reviewers saying you should "buy from a consultant" because of the 60 day guarantee ARE consultants looking to make money off of you! That said... here is my opinion of this product line 1) the cleansing mask is in fact a mask - it does NOT remove make-up, etc. So you must first wash your face with another cleanser in order to remove your make-up (Or purchase R +F Redefine makeup remover wipes). Once this is done then you apply the cleansing mask. You need to allow it to dry for 2 minutes, then wash it off. Seems pointless to me, but hey? What do I know! 2) Toner - nothing special. Worked the same as any toner I've purchased from the drug store. 3) AM Cream - worked as well as drug store creams. Personally I prefer Bliss moisturizer. 4) PM Cream - left my face feeling greasy no matter how frugal I was when applying the product. Would I buy this again? No way. This was a huge waste of money. I saw little if any improvement in my skin.

Not For Everyone

I'm sure R+F is amazing for most... Completely ruined my smoother than a baby's butt / near flawless skin and I'm now scarred all over my face #bitter #scarredforlife #scared I contacted their Customer Support and was instructed to contact their 'Nurse'. After 3-4 business days and multiple follow up emails, she reached out and instructed me to contact Customer Support... Once I explained that I had already reached CS and that they were the ones to instruct reaching out to the nurse, and inquired why I was getting the runaround, I recieved no valid explanation except that they would be willing to go out of their way to extend the return policy for partial refund of what I'm assuming is the unused portion... And not a refund for the portion/product that actually the caused the damage to my skin. R+F is not cheap. Make sure to do your research, and cease application immediately if you start having a reaction and do not follow their advice to 'give it a try and let your skin adjust'. Definitely not for everyone

by phyllis lambros >> See more reviews

One Star

Had to stop using it caused me to have a acne break out

Harsh product, damaged my skin and took 6 weeks ...

Harsh product, damaged my skin and took 6 weeks of my previous regimen to get my skin right. Told it is a miracle anti aging product, not for me. Beware.

by Gillian Ainsworth >> See more reviews


Awful. Made me break out in giant, festering, scabby pimples around my mouth. Used it for four days, but it will take weeks for these scabs to heal. Let's hope they don't scar.

by UptonVisserlin >> See more reviews

One Star

Not technically a scam, I suppose, but not anywhere worth the money.

by aldo s tarantini >> See more reviews

Terrible! Acne causing serum!

If you are looking to feel nostalgic and would like to rewind back to your pubescent years than hey, this product is for you!! I started this product four weeks ago. I took out my camera and snapped some "before" pictures all excited to see the results that everyone claims would be caused by this outstanding product. Now my face is so terrible that I am embarrassed to go out of the house. Someone actually thought I was pregnant because of my sudden and fierce breakouts. I have four kidney bean sized eruptions on my face. Before I tried this I was complaining that my 34 year skin was beginning to wrinkle. Ha, to think I was complaining then. I hope that after I stop using this product my face can hopefully look how it did. Just for the record... I am not the sort of person who gives up quickly. I really did try to stick this out but it's not looking hopeful. I'm the person who will stay and watch a terrible movie to the end (even after half the theater walked out after 20 minutes). Sadly I will have to leave this theater early!! Needless to say....TERRIBLE product! Save your money and your skin!!!