It's not mascara, it's false lash glam in a tube. Patented spoon brush and pro-keratin fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping. Unique flexible wand helps lift and separate, to provide the look of 3x more lashes. You will find lashes you didn't even know you had.
Color: Very Black
Manufacturer: Maybelline
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by AnonymousRM >> See more reviews

Much Better than Expected

I had grown weary of Maybelline's constant introduction and discontinuation of mascaras. I was almost ready to give up on the company entirely when it discontinued my long favorites "Lash Stylist" and "Sky High Curves". I got "The Falsies" with a promotion at a local drug store or I'd probably never have tried it. Well, much to my surprise it's actually very good. I don't get the reviews about the clumping and other issues. This mascara is surprisingly non-clumpy and I think I should know about clumps because I've been using mascara since about 1974, when I started with the now iconic "Great Lash". In fact, "The Falsies" mascara is so non-clumpy it's refreshing. It clumps a LOT less than previous Maybelline technology, even mascaras I used to love like "Lash Stylist" and "Sky High Curves". It's also very lightweight and does not feel heavy on the eyes even with multiple coats. On top of that, it's VERY gentle and great for those with sensitive eyes and who wear contact lenses like me. It's full of natural ingredients, vitamins and plant extracts, too, so it's a lot more natural than mascaras of previous generations. I find that it does pretty much everything you'd want a mascara to do. It lengthens, thickens, curls, defines and sharpens the color. I honestly feel like my eyelashes look younger with this product on! They are so full, lush, dark and long that I almost can't believe it! I also have news for all of you out there. Does anyone read the ingredient lists on these products anymore? Because guess what - The ingredients in pretty much ALL of the latest crop of Maybelline Mascaras are virtually identical. That's right - Every single Volume Express, Define a lash, Pulse Perfection, One by One, Falsies and whatever else is on the market have the exact same ingredients in them, in exactly the same order. Maybe one ingredient will be different in each one way down the list (and hence very inconsequential). The only real difference is the packaging and the brush. So there you go, people, you are being outwitted by corporate American marketing schemes. I'll bet the people at Maybelline are doing a study on how the packaging and the brush can make the difference between love and hate for some consumers. I'll bet there are millions of women out there who'd hate this mascara but have nothing but love, love, love for Define a Lash, never even knowing that the only real difference between them is the stupid brush, LOL. So if ever there's a Maybelline mascara that you sorely miss, don't fret - Just keep the old brush (make sure to wash it thoroughly and often) and use it in another similar Maybelline mascara. I'll bet you'll never know the difference. I kept a few of the combs from "Lash Stylist" but now that we have other brushes out there like the curved one in "The Falsies" and the big fat one in "One by One", I have not felt the need to use them. Although I did fall in love with "Pulse Perfection", which has recently been discontinued. Now that I know its ingredients are identical to the other Maybelline Mascaras, I'll save that brush and use it until the battery runs out. Oh, and by the way, those of you who are complaining here about clumps and other issues might not be using the brush correctly. Perhaps you might do better with one of the other Maybelline mascaras that don't have a curved brush. But don't throw this mascara away on that account - Clean and use a brush from another Maybelline mascara that you like with this mascara, because it's all really the same formula anyway. And go on Youtube and get some pointers on how to use different mascara brushes. That's just some advice from a 52 year old who's been wearing mascara since she was 15!

by anjanette >> See more reviews

Best mascara I've ever used!

I've told myself for many years that I was never going to wear false eyelashes and thanks to Maybellines Flasies, I can continue without! I was hesitant on buying this mascara for a while actually because I heard some bad things about it like clumping, flaking, and is a bit hard to get off. But I have to say the cons are definately worth the pros! If you're looking to lengthen your eyelashes, this is the one. They look so beautiful and long that they give the appearance of false eyelashes. My eyelashes touch my eyebrows when I use this! Doubt I'll find anything better, but if I do, I will return with an update. Pictures included.

My new Favorite!!

I love this Mascara! It makes my lashes look HUGE in every way. Now to be fair, I LOVED Maybelline's previously "most hated" mascara in the yellow tube, the Colossal. It may be how I apply these products, or my desired finished look works with the formulas. I love the new brush. I thought it would be awkward and take some time to adjust to, I was SO wrong. First application was easy and lashes looked great! I do sometimes hit my eye (yes my eyeball) with traditional brushes & this scoop brush solved that problem. The formula is much thinner than I'm use to, but I like how easy it is to apply and adjust with the brush. It does not dry as fast as other mascaras, hooray!! This gives me plenty of time to build volume & length and separate occasional clumps (an unavoidable part of drugstore mascara). Even with multiple coats my lashes feel light and flexible. The removal is harder than most, but some jojoba oil on a cotton ball takes it right off & conditions your lashes too. One plus about its unusual staying power, I was drinking water and it splashed onto one eye drenching my lashes. Fearing raccoon syndrome I grabbed my mirror. Not one streak, clump, or other issue. I guess the regular is as good as waterproof. I won't be trying the waterproof ;)

by Caitmarie813 >> See more reviews

You need a powerful makeup remover!

I am giving this mascara and 3 because it is very in between for me. One the one hand, it definitely makes my lashes look longer; almost false. On the other hand, it's pretty clumpy. I have to use a finer tooth brush to go through my lashes to smooth it out so I don't have tarantula lashes. Well, once I have gone through my lashes it actually looks really nice. It just takes a lot of work. It definitely have staying power. It is water proof, unfortunately it is also makeup remover proof. I have used the same kind for years and it removed everything every time. With flasies, It didn't even dent it. It takes a long time to get it all off too. AND, after going through 4 cotton balls and scrubbing my eyes, I will still wake up with dark circles! In conclusion, this mascara is a lot of work! It's a lot of work to get it to look just right. Don't expect it to just look perfect with just a few swipes of your lashes. And be prepared to have to guy the most powerful make up remover.

by SweeneyFamily >> See more reviews

My all time favorite mascara. Someone bought me Younique fiber lash mascara ...

My all time favorite mascara!! Silky smooth, no clumps, smudges or flakes. Never irritates my contacts. Super light & flexible. I can't feel when I have it on. Comes off super easy. I've used baby wipes, neutrogena wipes, baby oil, coconut oils, olive problem. Someone bought me Younique fiber lash mascara and I am adding a picture to compare. The Maybelline Falsie is on the left eye & Younique is on the right. I like the left better and save $25... (Pardon the weird cross-eyed look, looking at the camera close up.)

The best mascara I have ever tried

$5 for a super great mascara, you cannot go wrong. I want super long full lashes and this does it. I tried Mabeline Stelleto (uck), impossible lengths (uck), great lash (not long), Lancome definitional (nice but not too long), doll lash, clinique, EstaLauder.....none did such a good job of lengthing my lashes. The tube does not last as long as some, I guess it is because you use a lot to get the length. I have no problems with clumps until it starts to get old. Plan on 2 months of daily use. I have avg length lashes, not too full. I wear this every day. I hope everyone buys this because I would be lost if they discontinue the product. Washes off easy with water and a bit of soap.

FALSE Advertising for Falsies

If you think your eyelashes are going to look super voluminous to the point where it nearly looks like you have false eyelashes on, think again. This mascara is just like any other mascara on the market making claims that simply are "falsie." I've even taken 3 photographs of my eyes with the mascara on (in Brownish Black). One with my eyes closed, one open, and the other a profile view. I do not have short or long lashes. They are simply average length. I don't feel this mascara gave my existing lashes any length and the mascara was kind of clumpy. There wasn't any good separation of lashes. Instead, a lot of my lashes are stuck together and look like I have just a few "peaks" of lashes. What a waste of money.

by Karen R. Curfman >> See more reviews

This is horrible. Dont waste your money!

I bought this mascara 2 weeks ago. At first i didnt think it was too bad, and i used the brush in the spoon way and the opposite way too. I didnt get clumps at first and i thought it did a good job coating my lashes and seperating them. I do have very long lashes and so to me, i want a mascara that will make them fuller and show off how long they are. A few days ago, the clumps started happening and what a mess this mascara is! I try to scrape off the clumps before i apply the brush and it's not working. It's like the mascara is very, very, old. I hate this mascara and it is by far the worst i have ever used!!!! I have tried many brands and i think that the brush and the formula are both flawed. Maybelline should stop selling this---it's junk. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy this. I've had mine for 2 weeks and it's going in the trash can. I'm so disappointed with this! I'm going back to the pink tube with the green cap!!!

by Jeannine E. Harden >> See more reviews

Clumpy and thick, do not buy

I had a friend suggest this to me, and ignoring all the terrible reviews, I bought it with high hopes that this would be the right mascara for me. Well it is most certainly not! It clumps SO bad, and trust me, I have tried sooooo many different mascaras and I think this is one of the worst. No definition, no length, it just made me look like i had three giant lashes. the formula is very wet and also stinks. this is just a no, no, no.

by Jillian K. Barker >> See more reviews


Pros 1. It lengthens. 2. The packaging is pretty. Cons 1. It makes your lashes look clumpy and crusty 2. It flakes horribly 3. You need two coats to make it remotely resemble fake lashes. 4. It's watery. 5. The wand is very springy and hard to control. 6. You have to clean off the brush the first use because there's way too much product on it! Overall, I wouldn't recommend this product. EVER! If you are looking for a dramatic mascara try CG Lashblast. It does everything this one claims to do and actually looks nice.